In the seats: Walsh nailed it

Scott CondonThe Aspen TimesAspen, CO Colorado

SNOWMASS VILLAGE – In contrast to the “official” Aspen Times review, I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the Glenn Frey-Joe Walsh show on Saturday. It exceeded my expectations.In a sentence: Joe Walsh f#$%&*@ nailed it. I entered the concert with a bias – I like his stuff with the James Gang, I love his solo stuff, and I thought he really transformed the Eagles when he joined them.Frey and Walsh opened with a James Gang song that let Joe wail away on guitar, then the hits never quit coming. It was a great mix of early Eagles, post-Walsh Eagles, James Gang and songs from the solo careers of both band leaders. I fully understand that songs like “Peaceful, Easy Feeling” and “Lyin’ Eyes” don’t trip the triggers of some folks, but any crowd member that didn’t enjoy those songs Saturday evening under a perfect blue sky and sunset that turned the few clouds pink just didn’t have a pulse.The crowd stayed on its feet the entire show. And, while the crowd size might not have been what Jazz Aspen Snowmass wanted, it was great from an attendee’s perspective. We didn’t have as many drunks tromping through over our tarp, you could actually find an open porta-pottie, and the beer lines were manageable.I was determined to see Frey-Walsh to make up for a past mistake. I’ve always regretted not seeing Walsh’s performance at the Music Tent a dozen or so years ago. The guy is super cool: self-deprecating, humble, witty and dedicated all in one show. He reminisced about his younger partying days in and around Boulder; he joked about getting shown up by kids on the ski slopes of Aspen; and his facial expressions while wailing away on guitar solos were something to behold.I can die a happy man, concert-wise, because of Jazz Aspen Snowmass. They enabled me see Joe Walsh play “Rocky Mountain Way” and, a few years ago, see Neil Young play “Cortez the Killer.”Now if they’d only bring the Black Keys to