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Immigration, immigration, immigration

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Immigration issues continued to dominate online commentary at last week, as readers weighed in on various articles addressing the controversial topic.

Last week’s report about Ido Revel of Israel, who was forced to go home when he lost the Little Nell job that was tied to his temporary work visa, spurred several comments among online readers, including this one:

Then came this response:

Finally, there was this:

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Last week’s article regarding the difficulty agencies like the local housing authority and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority are having as they try to comply with new state laws aimed at illegal immigrants produced this response:

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A Dec. 29 guest opinion by Frosty Wooldridge, “What Brokow didn’t report about illegals,” regarding a recent NBC special report on immigration that focused on the Roaring Fork Valley and local contractor Gould Construction, produced plenty of online comment.

Said one reader, who identified him or herself as a long-time local, offered this:

Another reader had this to say, in part:

A Texan had this to say:

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