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I’m tickled pink with Aspen

Alison Berkley

Oh my God, I love you!I’m not just saying that. I really mean it. I am so in love with this town right now I can hardly stand it. In case you missed it, the Princess in Pink party last Friday at the Sky Hotel was a huge success and raised more than $20,000 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s only because there are so many amazing people in this town that we were able to pull this thing off.The truth is, I’ve never produced an event before in my entire life. Normally I sit in my house with only my dog and my computer for company and send e-mails to my friends all the livelong day. Then I come up with this idea to do this Princess party and no one tried to stop me. I kept waiting for someone to shake me by the shoulders and scream, “ARE YOU INSANE?” But instead, everyone was super into it. I knew things were getting serious when I bought a headset for my cell phone and started answering calls all professional-like. (Saying “Hello, this is Alison,” instead of the usual, “What up, biiiiiaatch?!”) I can honestly say I have never worked so hard or had so much fun in my entire life. The whole thing was like a Cinderella fantasy, complete with fur and diamonds and gorgeous clothes and beautiful people. I got to go shopping every day without having to buy anything.I got to dress all my friends in to-die-for outfits. We all got to sit back and be treated like celebrities, with our own team of makeup and hair people who made everyone look stunning. (Catherine Gordon, if I ever do get married in this lifetime, you are so hired!) I even had a “man chariot” of four hot rugby players who, as far as I know, did not turn into pumpkins. (However, I can say they were not there when I woke up in the morning). The coolest part was sharing that fantasy with the immediate world, like literally. I guess it’s OK to be narcissistic, as long as it’s for a good cause.The bottom line is this event could not have been possible without the amazing Aspen community coming together to make it a reality. (Yes, that means you – especially if I forgot to include you on the thank-you list).First of all, I want to thank everyone who donated even $1 to the cause. The whole point was to raise awareness among the local community and create a fun event that me and my dirtbag friends could actually afford to go to. The money we raised will go directly to victims of breast cancer in the Roaring Fork Valley and provide care for those who can’t afford it. (Oh my God, can you believe I just said that? A far cry from my usual rant about boys and shoes.) A big shout out goes out to Alex Halperin and everyone at Aspen Peak who made this event possible as our headlining sponsor. Their contribution was so substantial it’s impossible to quantify in words. It was a beautiful partnership from the start, and one we’re going to build on in the future by making this an annual event. We could not have asked for a cooler, hipper venue than the Sky Hotel, which kept an open mind and went above and beyond in helping us with every last detail. (The Aspen Princess martinis rocked).I want to thank Sarah Scott Walker, a woman with tremendous focus and talent, who worked eight days a week to solicit more than 90 items for the silent auction. Thanks also to Lauren Dewind, the Aspen Peak intern who helped get the ball rolling with unabashed, giddy enthusiasm. (Girl, your future is so bright, I’m blinded by it). Thanks to editor Leigh Jude Vogel for her generous coverage of the event, and Cheryl Foerster for generating participation from all her advertisers.Thanks to all the talented people who donated their skills in production: Stu from Alchemy, DJ Dylan, Dan Sadowsky, Peak Party Rentals, Angela from Model Team Agency, Jordan Dann from Theatre Aspen, Sarah Murray, Catherine Gordon makeup, Salon Tullio, Karl Wolfgang Photography, Adam and Louisa Goldsmith, John at City Market, AVSC, Colorado Mountain College, Christine at The Aspen Times, Plum TV, Meredith Cohen at KSNO, Pat Ryan and Aspen Music School.Thanks to all the retailers who gave our little fashion show a chance: Riptide (Tricia Robinson, I’ll do that silk robe proud), J Mendel, Fendi, Distractions/Imelda’s, Boogie’s, Pitkin County Dry Goods, Cheeks, Quiksilver, 02, The Aspen Club and Spa, B Jewel, Kemosabe, Brioni, Cheeks, Dennis Basso, Manrico, Performance Ski, Roots, Stefan Kaelin Pro Shop, Optical Shop of Aspen, Nuages, Local Color, Chopard, Judith Ripka, Baccarat, Ross Andrews, Ingrid Antoni, Meridian Jewelers, Piranesi, Pierre Familie, Chepita, Cindy Griem, The Hidden Jewel and Joan Boyce. And to everyone who donated and volunteered to the silent auction. (The list is way too long to fit here – we hope that’s a good thing.) To my amazing friends and volunteers: Sarah Murray, Lisa Consiglio, Jamie Abbott, Jordan Dann, John Hufker, Tim Mutrie, Anne Gurchick, Jen Benvenuto, Dina Bloom, Brady Emens, Rachel Rodgers, Elaine Grossman, Cathleen and the gals from Komen, Jack Johnson, Brian Gonzales, Kevin Byford, Rich Burkley, Tami Solondz, Debbie and Sheri from Local Color and Nancy Mayer from Aspen Sojourner.To all the “model citizens,” Siobahn, Patty, Julia, Jessica, Vanessa, Jamie, Mark, Mary Hayes, Olivia and Ki-Lin, Jace, Dennis, Sarah Smith, Lisa and Bridger, Clay, Mia, Matt, Ariel, Othello, Reiss, Anne and Seth (with Paco and Bonzai), Aron, Richard, Tigger, Zoe, Katie, Rosie, Asia, and last but not least, my beloved rugby boys: Nick, Travis, Kent and Dave.Thanks to everyone who makes Aspen such an unbelievably special place to live.The Princess is resting but still checking her e-mail every five seconds so send your loving message to alison@berkleymedia.com

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