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I declare that winter is over

Su Lum
Aspen, CO Colorado

It is done. It is finished. It is over. Winter is kaput. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

This doesn’t mean that it might not snow 3 feet in one big storm in April, and it certainly doesn’t mean that spring has arrived, though I caught a whiff of it a few nights ago when the traffic in front of my house abated.

All I mean is that it’s finally melting, and whatever lies ahead will quickly melt, at last. I don’t intend to write any Angry White Woman columns about the mud that’s sure to follow.

It’s been a long, cold, icy winter, a dark winter, a deep winter without much respite, full of slick falling perils and inconveniences such as ice-blocked doors and swollen gates that wouldn’t close.

Now the doorsills are clear, the gates snap shut, heavy parkas have been shed; soon the clumpy boots will follow, closeted until next December, replaced by lightweight Crocs. Cheers!

Snow on the slopes, melting down below ” the best of both worlds for everyone.

Few are more thrilled by this turn of events than my dachshund puppies, Nicky and Freddie. They are not really puppies anymore, since they had their second birthday two weeks ago, hard to believe.

I have friends who take them out for long runs that I can’t manage, but between the cold and the depth of the snow, this activity was severely curtailed, and they have been going stir-crazy. This week they had four long hikes and are in hog heaven.

Unfortunately, Freddie (the adventurer) recently figured out that the crusty snow in the front yard could hold his weight. I discovered this when investigating a cacophony of barking and found him high on the bank, nose to nose with a startled passer-by.

Next day, chasing a leashed dog from the bank along the fence, Freddie made a successful launch into the next yard, with Nicky (who outweighs Freddie by half) more cautiously lumbering behind. So now, it’s back door only for a while, and we can all put up with that because it’s MELTING, and soon they’ll have the run of the entire yard.

I got some anonymous comments on a snow column (what’s with you wimps not signing?), to the effect that if I don’t like snow, I should live somewhere else. Hell, I like snow as much as the next person, but more than 30 feet of the stuff is a stretch. I like rain, too, but not four months of it.

Anyway, it’s past history. This winter is over. I saw a couple of flies this morning, and my mutant tulips are pushing up in the strip of green on the sunny side of the house. Green.