Hunting squabble fires up readers |

Hunting squabble fires up readers

Shots fired in El Jebel last weeked fired up a neighboring property owner and triggered plenty of comment from online readers of The Aspen Times.

There was this one, for example:

The neighbor was reportedly irate over the fact that hunters were firing guns near his home, but one reader responded:

And, there was this directed at neighbor Wayne Ewing, who complained about the incident to the sheriff’s office:

Said another:

In a similar vein…

One of the hunters posted this response:

Another reader offered this suggested resolution to the dispute:

Then came this idea:

Last week’s online report on a proposed outdoor smoking ban in Snowmass Village also elicited comment, including this one:

Observed another reader:

Last week’s report on the Aspen Skiing Co.’s climate campaign also spurred comment, including this:

Said another, in part:

Friday’s Aspen Times editorial, “Basalt should say ‘enough’ to Willits,” prompted a lengthy rebuke. An except:

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