Hospital politics and mosquitos |

Hospital politics and mosquitos

Su Lum

Last Friday I found myself up at the hospital for an unexpected overnight for IV antibiotics and rehydration (Dr. Borchers said I was “down a couple of quarts”) due to pneumonia, from which I am recovering nicely.

Things were a little jittery up there, following the Wednesday Massacre, and pretty tight about what happened to whom. Remember, if you want us to get the story right, somebody has to tell us on the record.

One thing nobody minds talking about is the candidates for the hospital board. I’ve been polling employees and co-patients on this subject for about a month, being up there a lot for rehab, PT, tests and what all, and my findings were confirmed during my incarceration.

In a nutshell, everybody is voting for Greg

Balko, a young emergency room physician. Everyone loves Dr. Balko. I predict that he will run away with this election and with all that endorsement he certainly has my vote.

They were not so sure about the other empty seat, thinking it might be a bit much to have TWO doctors elected but the only other choice is a member of the old board (Bob D’Alessio) and they were uneasy about that.

Most of them concluded that they’d vote for Barry Mink, and I agree with that. Barry Mink (Think Mink) has been around forever and might be a voice of reason in an operation that is exploding from so many directions that, from afar, it looks like fireworks.

I’m definitely not in favor of keeping on a member of the old-old board, and it might well take the combined voices of two doctors to be heard above the powerful existing triumvirate who, by the way, I think took their sweet time before cleaning house.

One never knows when one might relapse, so I won’t be telling any funny hospital stories. I am a lousy patient, fidgety and irritable, unused to asking for help or to following orders – not a good combination.

I do want to report an unusual phenomenon: My large window had a lot of mosquitoes crawling around on the glass, probably looking for a way in to get at those helpless people in the beds. They were big mosquitoes – I took them for flies until my daughter Skye set me straight.

My memory isn’t what it used to be, but this seems to me to be very early for mosquitoes in Aspen, much less of that size and of that number. You heard it here first: Get out your Off and keep it on until fall, because it looks like it’s going to be a serious West Nile season.

Su Lum is a longtime local for whom that would be about the last straw! Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.