Horse slaughter, snow and the rumor mill |

Horse slaughter, snow and the rumor mill

Aspen Times columnist Tony Vagneur touched a nerve with his Nov. 17 column, “A horseman’s dying dream,” about the potential fate of an old man’s beloved horses.

Some online readers of the Times offered to help:

Responded another:

There was also this:

And, this:

A report last week on the limited terrain that would be available for opening day of the ski season at Aspen/Snowmass (lower Fanny Hill at Snowmass) elicited an observation. An excerpt:

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And about that snow, the Aspen Skiing Company’s report of 12 inches of new snow atop Snowmass after an overnight storm last week spurred this online retort from an apparently dubious reader:

Responded another:

A report last week about the rumors fueled by the opening of a new story, Toddy’s, in Aspen, produced plenty of comments from readers who said they suffered financially at the hands of Tulsa businessman Todd Fox, who ” contrary to rumor ” apparently has no ownership interest in Toddy’s, a purveyor of high-end leather wraps and blankets.

Wrote one reader:

But one individual was disappointed to find locals weren’t weighing in on the story:

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