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Here’s a tip: tip

Aspen, CO Colorado

Hot, spicy and rude, or cheap, drunk and dumb?

Online readers of The Aspen Times weighed in last week in response to a letter to the editor (“Hot, spicy and rude, March 25), in which the writer complained one of her friends was given a shot of Tabasco sauce at the Cigar Bar by a bartender the group didn’t tip after the barkeep initially refused to provide a free drink for the “birthday girl.”

Readers weren’t overly sympathetic, and several pointed out she was no doubt handed a prairie fire ” a shot of Tabasco and tequila. Said one:

Said another:

There was also this:

Aspen Times columnist Andy Stone weighed in with an account of the rude behavior of locals in Aspen back in the ’70s also garnered comment, including this one:

With the Town Council election in Basalt coming up on Tuesday, a couple of online readers offered their views on worthy candidates, one of whom isn’t even running:

This week’s online poll, quizzing readers on what peeves them about Aspen (gas prices, ski pass prices, curtailed free parking), generated several comments, including a beef not listed in the poll:

Observed another regarding the gripes:

And, there was this:

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