Guest commentary: Ittner cites past support as reason for Pitkin County Commissioner vote |

Guest commentary: Ittner cites past support as reason for Pitkin County Commissioner vote

Rob Ittner
Guest commentary

Dear Pitkin County voters:

My Name is Rob Ittner and I served as a county commissioner here in Pitkin County from 2011 to 2015. I am asking for your support to return to office and serve again.

My skill set, as a longtime business owner, and values, as a lover of our environment and desire to strengthen the quality of life here in the valley, are what so many people have said are needed in our local government.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is what three past Pitkin County commissioners have to say about me. All three served with my opponent, and two of them served with me. All three have been active Democrats in our community for a longtime.

“The choice between Rob Ittner and Patti Clapper, for me, is an easy one, as I served with both of them. There is no question that Rob has done a much better job representing the diverse interests of Pitkin County than his opponent did when she served. … In conclusion, Rob Ittner has the vision, understanding, energy, focus, compassion.”

­— Jack Hatfield, commissioner 2001-13

(Letter from 2014, Jack passed this year and is greatly missed.)

“Rob Ittner, is a candidate for the position of commissioner for Pitkin County District No. 1. As a successful business owner in Aspen with a background in finance and accounting, Rob Ittner brings an additional set of views and concepts and ideas to the BOCC for consideration.

Moreover, we get the best of both worlds with Rob Ittner. He served us well for four years, so he already has the experience and knows what the job is all about. Let’s bring him back and respect that term limits are in place for a reason. Vote for Rob Ittner for Pitkin County commissioner.”

— Dorothea Farris, commissioner 1997-2009

“As a former Pitkin County commissioner who worked with both Rob Ittner and Patti Clapper, I have to endorse Rob Ittner as the most qualified candidate for Pitkin County commissioner.

Pitkin County’s challenges are best faced by Rob Ittner’s forward-looking attitude, his clear analytical mind and his community building commitment.”

­— Michael Owsley, commissioner 2005-17

In these heated political times we all have a responsibility to vote. Moreover, we should find the facts, learn about the issues, and talk to people that can help inform us. People who know and have been involved, just like the three county commissioners listed above. They served us well, each for 12 years. They upheld our values, and know what it takes to continue to do that. They all support Rob Ittner as our next county commissioner.

I ask you for your vote. Please vote Rob Ittner.

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