Guest commentary: Bamesberger sets platform for assessor race

Deb Bamesberger
Guest commentary

I would like to introduce myself, I am Deb Bamesberger and I am running for Pitkin County Assessor. I have worked for the current assessor, Tom Isaac, for more than 6 1/2 years. (Tom encouraged me to run as his successor.)

Tom has been a wonderful assessor; in his tenure he has brought many advances in technology, GIS (mapping) and customer service to our community.

I want to be the assessor because I want our office to remain a professional, courteous, friendly and helpful place. I would like to follow in Tom’s footsteps, keeping current with technology, finding innovative ways to accomplish the job, fair/equitable valuation and keeping the property owners informed/educated on changes in legislation and valuations. It’s been a privilege serving the taxpayers of Pitkin County. I love what I do.

I was shocked at how much there is to learn in the assessor’s office. Until you have the experience of working for the assessor, it would be impossible to explain all the responsibilities an assessor is tasked by the state. I have the experience, my opponent does not. My opponent was appointed by the county commissioners as a mediator (hearing officer) between the assessor and the property owners, he has never worked for an assessor, which would be a conflict of interest as a hearing officer.

To assure our taxpayers that the assessor is on top of technology — using the best software that calculates fair and equitable property valuations — we use a program called Eagle Assessor by Tyler Technologies. Tyler Technologies develops and writes programs for many branches of government. They are very experienced in the requirements of state statutes. The GIS (mapping) is integrated into the software, and the Treasurer software (Tyler Tech) is connected with our office so we are not duplicating work. There are over 30 counties in Colorado using this software. Tyler Tech integrates with other great software like Pictometry, so the product is even more powerful. Tyler Technology also interacts with the users, enhancing the software even further.

Many do not know that all assessor offices have to pass an independent audit every year, making sure the assessor is using procedures and principles put in place by the Division of Property Taxation. Our office has never failed an audit under Tom Isaac’s tenure and will continue to pass with Deb Bamesberger as your assessor.

For me, being the assessor is not a political thing; serving the taxpayers of Pitkin County is my career. I’m happy to talk with you and always willing to listen. My office will always have your best interest in mind and we have an open-door policy. Our mission is to fairly and equitably value all taxable property in Pitkin County. I am very proud of our office and the work we do. Please vote Deborah J. Bamesberger for Pitkin County Assessor. Vote for Deb!

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