Getting my groove back |

Getting my groove back

I’ve been having trouble with my eyes lately and, a couple of months ago, discovered that my computer came magically into focus when I wore my reading glasses rather than trying to look at the screen through the bottoms of my bifocals, which were too small and threw my neck out by craning, in turn throwing out my back.My reading glasses, made of sturdy plastic, just the right shape and size, have lived in my bedroom for too many years to count. They aren’t the huge frames of the ’70s, but they aren’t any younger than the early ’80s – say 25 years old.Every time I got a prescription for new reading lenses, I’d just have them popped into the old frames, keeping them safe at home where I wouldn’t lose them and where no one was likely to see them.I was not so lucky with the stylish bifocal frames my daughters bullied me into buying five or six years ago. Those lenses are too small, I can see all around them and hated them immediately, but sadly, like the unfortunate current gut-protruding clothing fashions, nothing else was available. I had to get with it, like it or not.I am not a very observant (my family would say I am the LEAST observant) person when it comes to noticing things such as anyone’s new haircuts, weight loss or gain within 100 pounds, or wardrobe changes.I could probably pick out most of my co-workers in a lineup, but if you asked me which ones wore eyeglasses or beards or what they were wearing the day before last, I very much doubt that I’d pass the test. Put your hands over my eyes and ask me what I’m wearing that very moment, and I’d flunk that, too.Some of my co-workers, on the other hand, are positively vigilant about such matters, noticing quarter-inch haircuts, new clothes, shoes, earrings and other such minutia with eyes much keener than mine.Thus, needless to say, my old reading glasses were widely noticed and greeted with extreme hilarity by my co-workers when I began bringing them to The Aspen Times so I could see the screen of my computer.I like my co-workers, do not pretend to know a thing about fashion, and took the teasing with good sport, but I have to say it warmed my heart that when I got new lens prescriptions and went to the Optical Shop, I found that my old frames were BACK IN STYLE.My scoffers, with their itty-bitty frames, were OUT, and I, with my normal-sized lenses of the ’80s, was IN! I had new lenses popped into my old reading glasses frames once again, and got new bifocals in the same good old now-hip style, feeling that what goes around comes around and especially glad to be seeing clearly again.Su Lum is a longtime local who has seen it come and go if you just wait long enough, so hang onto your old clothes and frames. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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