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Get juiced

Paul E. Anna

We all know what spring feels like. But what does it taste like?It may taste a lot like a pineapple-mint juice drink with a shot of fresh-from-the-stalk wheatgrass lovingly prepared by a Brazilian beauty named Flavia. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, if you want your own taste of spring, even in a snowstorm, simply waltz on over to Specialty Foods of Aspen and get in the queue on the left-hand side of the shop. It is there, in a placed called “juiced,” that you can order that springlike treat, as well as 100 other combinations of fruits and veggies, all of which taste like they came from the Garden of Eden.Juiced opened last summer with little fanfare but great acclaim in the same space that was already getting local raves for the fine salads and paninis that Marco was dishing out and the wondrous cheeses that Kiley was bringing in from around the world. The addition of a juice bar was a natural, especially since juiced was maintaining the high standards of quality that Kiley and Marco had aspired to when they opened their little food empire.The brainchild of John Gillis, juiced was designed to be a casual place to stop in for some healthy comfort. Gillis, who had previously been at Zélé’s squeezing fresh-juice cocktails, saw an opportunity to take a sunny spot and turn it into the healthiest place in town.The secret of juiced is the fresh ingredients and the kick-ass juicer. Look behind the counter and you will see live micro greens and wheat grass growing right there on the shelf. The Nutrafaster, as the juicer is called, takes the toughest of fruits and vegetables and de-pulpifies them in short order. It takes only the good and loses the bad. (How do it know?)Today John, a Brit who does double duty as a soccer coach, has supplemented the juices with other items as well. If you need a warm-up you can get a latte, hot cocoa, or Chai, but for a real treat try a Lemon-Aid, which is hot tea with lemon, ginger, honey and a touch of cayenne pepper. So take a trip down under the southeast corner of Hunter and Hopkins. Say please as you order a juice or other satisfying concoction, and find a seat facing the just-below-street-level windows with grand views of Shadow Mountain and the now famous, formerly secret stashes of Trainor Ridge, and taste the tropics. Yum. It’ll taste like spring.

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