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Get better soon

For many, offseason is a time to kick back and relax. For others, it’s a time to get away. But for lots of folks here in the Roaring Fork Valley, offseason is prime time for surgery.Every spring you hear that friends and neighbors are making appointments, setting dates and getting ready to fix whatever damage they have done to their bodies during the previous ski season. Shoulders, wrists, ankles and mostly knees get arthro-ed, cut, cleaned and, hopefully, repaired. For some, it is a yearly event. Kind of like taking their car in for an overhaul. It is amazing how cavalier some older ski patrollers and instructors can be about their multitude of surgeries. Almost like it’s a part of their job description. Many have the scars from back in the days when ski injuries often entailed significant breaks of the tibia or fibula, before ski technology improved. In the 1960s and ’70s, if you injured your knee you would likely get a 4- to 6-inch incision so they could go in to fix the damage. Recovery would take months with both the actual injury and the incision needing time to heal. The good news is that over the years the repair and healing processes have advanced at incredible rates. Today, with arthroscopic surgery, repairing a ligament or meniscus tear is a far less invasive procedure. Patients are frequently home the night of the surgery and begin walking or exercising the joint within hours or days. For some patients there is even joy in the rehabilitation process. While it is hard work and requires discipline, the success of most surgeries these days is directly related to the patient’s willingness to perform the proper exercises and activities after the injury. If they do, there is a good chance that they not only will return to normal, but will be even stronger than they were before the injury. Not to belittle the process, but with a healthy attitude and a little positive energy, rehab can be a good thing.Aspen Orthopaedic Associates and Steadman Hawkins seem to be the orthopods of choice around here, and you’ll constantly hear people singing the praises of both on a regular basis. We are very fortunate to have in local proximity what many consider to be among the very best surgeons in the world.So if this is the year for your tuneup, keep your chin up and recognize that you live in an amazing time where an injury can be a gateway to a better, stronger body.Good luck.

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