Fundamental change needed |

Fundamental change needed

America has been maliciously involved in the internal affairs of country after country; time and again – and always on the side of a puppet government, dictator, shah or military junta. Always against democratic movements that represent the people and always justifying imperialism in the name of spreading democracy. If in doubt, I refer you to the death squads, torture and mass executions, the unimaginable cruelty spawned by our interventions south of the border in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti. All rich with natural resources. Resources that U.S. corporations exploit to this day, while unrelenting poverty oppresses the masses.Now let’s head to the Middle East. Here, the heavy hand of American domination weighs more than a barrel of oil. We were instrumental in overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran and installing the shah, along with a police state that rivaled Saddam’s. America is best buddies to the tyrannical rulers of Saudi Arabia, and we are the power behind Israel’s inhumane oppression of the Palestinian people. We invaded Iraq against world opinion in league with Tonga, Palau, Estonia et al., and have sold most of their oil to corporations that merge into the Oval Office.Our bombs murder thousands. We arrest innocent people, torture them and are then surprised when all this comes back as “blowback,” when “evil terrorists” attack us. Back in the good old U.S. of A, the majority of Americans are brainwashed. When we invaded Iraq more than 70 percent of the citizens of America believed Saddam was responsible for 9/11, and, to this day, almost 50 percent are still misled. Why? Because the media facilitates government propaganda. Let’s forget inane discussions about rather the mainstream media leans right or left. They lean toward corporations who own them, and the politicians whom the corporations own.Here is the media’s latest assault on the truth. During the second Republican debate, one candidate, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, actually spoke the truth. He had the audacity to insist that our foreign interventions may have been partially responsible for 9/11 and that it would be in our interest to be aware of the consequences of our actions. This ignited a tirade from Rudy Giuliani. To his and to our everlasting ignominy a candidate for president of the U.S. labeled reality “absurd” and demanded that Paul retract his statement. The audience cheered.Ron Paul is the only candidate from either party advocating fundamental change. He is the only threat to the industrial-military-government complex on the Republican Party’s stage. Said complex foretold by Eisenhower and is, in fact, the greatest peril America has yet confronted. Therefore, predictably, Paul is being attacked, slandered and his words distorted by the media.News flash! Astonishing yet true! For almost a century Americans have paid a cartel of private banks, our Central Bank, the Federal Reserve System, interest on dollars that the Fed prints out of thin air. What a deal! But why did Congress sell its soul and permit this to happen? Answer: The Fed allows our elected officials to spend without raising taxes. The Fed simply prints tons of money. Our government borrows these crisp new bills, paying the Fed whatever interest the Fed, itself, deems appropriate. Then every pound is spent to buy whatever pork is on the table, to finance wars and to foster corruption on a massive scale. This causes inflation, the greatest hidden tax ever conceived. Meanwhile, a cartel of very powerful bankers controls our economy.Wondering who is the only candidate attempting to save America from this treason? Who has vowed to abolish the Fed, income tax and malicious foreign involvement? Who threatens the power that threatens our freedom? Who is worthy of your attention? Since the first Republican debate the Vegas odds on Paul’s winning the presidency have leaped from 200-to-1 to 15-to-1. Why? According to the sponsor’s own polls, Paul won both debates, the first by a wide margin. Haven’t heard of Ron Paul? Fire up your computer and join the revolution. (Best hurry, the bastards are working day and night to gain control over the Internet, and when they do, the party is over.)Will Kesler is a resident of Snowmass Village

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