Free buses and pricey property taxes |

Free buses and pricey property taxes

Aspen, CO Colorado

Proposed free bus service between Aspen and Snowmass and columnist Su Lum’s musing on her property tax bill both generated comment among online readers of The Aspen Times.

The free bus ride was the focus the online opinion poll and an editorial.

“Free” isn’t really free, noted one reader:

Then came this response:

But, there was also this viewpoint:

And, finally:

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Su Lum stired things up with her column about property tax windfalls to various taxing districts, thanks to skyrocketing local property values.

Observed one reader:

There was also this:

Responded another:


A report on Carbondale’s ongoing efforts to draft new dog regulations produced this observation:

And talk in Parachute of banning pit bulls vs. a broader ordinance aimed a vicious dogs spurred comment, as well:

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