Fourteener flap and politics |

Fourteener flap and politics

The latest flap over Aspen skier Chris Davenport’s quest to ski all of Colorado’s fourteeners in a year’s time, and Aspen’s upcoming election dominated reader discourse at last week.Various letters to the editor, columns and news articles regarding Tuesday’s election garnered comment from online readers who had plenty to say about the candidates.One letter, “A Torre quandary,” prompted this advice:To say that Torre would win if Mick were not on the ballot and vice versa is exactly why Aspen has runoff elections. Vote for Mick or Torre initially and in the runoff you can vote for whichever one makes it into the contest with local developer, Tim Semrau. That is unless both Mick and Torre make it into the runoff without Mr. Semrau. If that happens, we will have two excellent options for mayor in the runoff election and fewer worries about a developer in charge of Aspen.The Aspen Times online poll, asking readers who they hope will be the next mayor of Aspen (the question runs through today), is an admittedly unscientific survey, as evidenced by this comment from one reader:I have voted 35 timesThe boast elicited this response:Somebody needs to get a life.Columnist Andy Stone’s May 2 column, “The fox and the henhouse,” sparked a response from one reader:Amazing the rhetoric opposing developer Semrau yet the Times endorsed developer Dwayne Romero who is responsible in part for some of the largest local development fumbles (Highlands Village and Obermeyer) than anything Mr. Semrau has built.• • • •News that the U.S. Forest Service won’t allow Aspen skier Chris Davenport to use film footage of him skiing Colorado fourteeners that are within wilderness areas spurred several comments, including this one:Give me a break Chris. The film promotes you not the wilderness. The film should be called Davenport.. the legend in his own mind. Countered another:Give me a break! Who makes these rediculous decisions. Just another reason why the current proposed wilderness areas should just stay National Forests.There was also this:Great idea! Yeah, let the rednecks rip it up back there on their four wheelers!Keep the wilderness wild.A followup on Davenport’s appearance at a Colorado Fourtneers Initiative fundraiser in Denver spurred additional comment:He didn’t get a permit so he screwed up. No permit no acception.And, there was this:Davenport, the most over-hyped and over-rated skier on the planet. If you had gotten the permit there would be no problem. Come on your from the east coast, don’t you realize the government would want their cut of the profits?• • • •An online report on the possible widening of Highway 6 between Gypsum and Eagle, making the ride less harrowing for bicyclists, sparked this reply:It’s too damn bad for the cyclists! What about the motorists in cars having to take a risk around the cyclists? As far as widening the road, why don’t we make the cyclists have licenses like the motorists to help pay for the expense that is to be incurred? It doesn’t seem fair that the motorists should pick up the tab for this. Not all cyclists are also motorists. This same problem exists up the Frying Pan River out of Basalt. It’s a deadly game!• • • •News that owners of the Wienerstube restaurant may purchase the Woody Creek Tavern produced varying reactions.Said one reader: great change!But another offered:Great, another decent eatery down the toilet.• • • •Finally, columnist Meredith Carroll sparked a response with her April 28 column, “Vote Goldie for Aspen mayor.” Wrote a reader (in all caps, we lower-cased it):Why is this in the newspaper? Why is this person given space to spew this crap? Is the Times that hard up for copy? Oh wait-she mentioned the entrance. She clearly has a thumb on the pulse of Aspen. Enough already. Her mom is very proud of her and has merdith’s column posted on her frig-can we start running something from someone who has anything relevant to say?• • • •Readers may weigh in on any article at, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on “Comments” at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were printed, without editing or correction.

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