For the love of deep powder |

For the love of deep powder

Alison Berkley

For the last two days, I’ve been walking around having multiple snow orgasms.A lot of women can’t have these – they might say they can, but the truth is most chicks sit around having these long, drawn out conversations about it with their friends when really, they are quietly wondering why it has never happened to them. That is, until it does. Multiples are the bastion of the truly uninhibited woman who either really knows exactly what turns her on, found someone else who does, and/or is not afraid to convey her needs.The beauty of snow orgasms is there is no dialogue necessary. There’s no awkwardness. There’s no avoiding the person because you had great sex with them only to wake up and decide that you really don’t like them after all. There are no friendships being ruined because you got drunk and tripped over your shoelace and crossed the line. There are no ex-boyfriends who should remain ex-boyfriends receiving unexpected visits in the middle of the night. There’s no heartache or disappointment or rejection.Snow is a much more malleable, pliable partner. It just lies there and lets you do whatever you want to it. It’s gentle, soft and delicate but the force and beauty of it never ceases to blow you away. The best part is, she always looks so beautiful in the morning.I found this unadulterated joy even more satisfying than usual because I just got back from New York City. Nothing makes me appreciate my life in the mountains more than to revisit the part of the country where I grew up.It’s a place where the first question people ask you isn’t, “Is the lower mountain open yet?” but “What do you do?” as if your job is your whole identity. It’s a place where people work more than they play and think being tan means you’ve just come back from Florida. (“No, actually, I just spend a lot of time outside,” I always tell them).Every fall when I head back east to see friends and family, I get together with my four best friends I went to high school with in West Hartford, Conn. There’s a lot of, “remember that time we got drunk before lacrosse practice?” and looking up old boyfriends on Google (mine is now a crew member on Search and Rescue in Valdez, Ala., which I got really excited about until Mary pointed out his wedding ring).But mostly, they’re all sitting around talking about big cases they’re defending and 80-hour workweeks and the husbands and the kids, and I’m like, “You should have seen my surf instructor in Kauai. He was so hot it was ridiculous.” The thing is, I haven’t changed much. My whole life revolves around acting like I’m still 15 years old.Maybe I’ve made a few sacrifices a so I can make living in the mountains a priority, like having less than 50 dollars in my bank account, living with a giant black dog for the rest of my life, and dating men who are as juvenile as I am.”You’re the only person I know who is broke but just got back from a ten day trip to Hawaii,” my friend Hope said.”Yeah. And what’s this about a ski movie again?” Bonnie asked.Teton Gravity Research was premiering their new film, “Anomaly” in the City the same weekend I was there. You guys know how much I love the TGR boys – they’re up there with firemen, rugby players, and ski patrol. Even though I haven’t worked with them for at least six years, I hold on to the past any way I can, often coming up with an excuse to visit Jackson Hole – or go to a ski movie when I’m in New York City – just so I can be around them and feed off their energy one more time.Of course I got us all on the guest list for the premiere party, but my friends weren’t having it. They’re like, “No. We are not going to a ski movie while you’re in New York City. Don’t be ridiculous.”I conceded to 8 p.m. dinner reservations at a Spanish tapas bar in Tribeca and resigned myself to simply enjoying the company of old friends. I listened to Mary bubble over with excitement about fertility drugs and hormone injections and her sudden desire to have a baby. Bonnie caught us up on juggling a marriage, three children and completing her masters degree in social work. And then there’s Hope, the head nurse for a fancy private practice in Manhattan, telling us about juggling the three men she’s currently dating post-divorce.I spent most of my life being envious of these girls. They all made varsity, got straight A’s and high SAT scores and I barely graduated. They all got into Ivy League schools and went on to get their various graduate degrees (Bonnie now has three). I watched them get engaged and flash their big rocks and attended their fabulous weddings.But something has changed. Maybe it’s the fact that I got to come home and wake up to two feet of fresh snow. I was up dressed and ready to go at 7 a.m., not because I had to go to work, but because I couldn’t wait for the gondola to start running.A ski movie would have been lost on my friends. Thank god it hasn’t been lost on me. Every choice I’ve made that landed me here was the right choice, even if I am carrying on like I’m still a teenager. Seeing them made me realize how much I love my life.So next year, when we sit around talking about the multiple orgasms we’ve had, I’m gonna call them out. Those girls have no idea what it means to get off – they’ve never woken up on a powder day and understood what it means to live in the mountains.The Princess has sex – I mean snow – on the brain. E-mail your powder day stories to Aspen Times, Aspen, Colo.

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