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Felder: Ties to business a disqualifier?

Last week the tone of the election campaign took an unfortunate turn. In particular, the vicious attack by Rachel Richards and the disingenuous claim by Ward Hausenstein that he was not endorsing a council candidate for fear of dissing a future colleague.

These were actions unbecoming a person with a long career of public service in this community and a current councilman who should know better.

I do not know when having any connection with real estate sales, management or development became a disqualifier for public office. How about Bill Sterling or Skippy!

On the merits, I prefer fresh perspectives and new blood to Torre and Skippy who have professed a high regard for “Aspen values” but have failed to protect or advance them.

Pie in the sky and a vacancy tax do not hold a candle to the backgrounds and practical achievements of the challengers. It is time to move on from non-achievers to people who understand the issues and will craft fact-based solutions.

Richard Felder



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