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F.A.I.R. is F.A.I.R., sometimes

Su Lum
Aspen, CO Colorado

Don’t you love it that Tim Semrau, who lost the mayoral election to Mick Ireland, is launching a group called F.A.I.R., the same acronym Ireland used over the course of several years when he was fighting against his own and other elected officials’ recalls?

Semrau’s F.A.I.R. stands for Factual Aspen Investigative Reporting, while Ireland’s F.A.I.R. stood for Friends Against Irresponsible Recall. Does this mean that Semrau is plotting a recall of Ireland, beginning by co-opting his acronym?

The new F.A.I.R. is a triumvirate of Semrau, Bill Dinsmoor and Roger Marolt. Marolt already is distancing himself from the outfit, and Semrau appears to be the spokesman. They plan to establish themselves as a nonprofit (what else) organization and seek donations to pay for a real investigative reporter to get out the true facts.

Freddie Fisher once said about running for mayor, “This is a job I’d be dumb enough to handle but too smart to take on.” Let the applicant beware: This job could have a short shelf life.

I nominate Sterling Greenwood, whose daily and then occasional “yellow sheet” is sadly missed, but be careful what you wish for: Greenwood is nobody’s water carrier or butt kisser.

They could hire Daniel Schorr and get some nasty surprises.

When the Aspen Community School was starting up, one of the founding members, distressed by the coverage in the press, announced that he and only he would henceforth be allowed to speak to the media. He defended his position by saying, “There is only one truth.”

ONLY ONE TRUTH? Perhaps there is only one set of facts, but there are any number of individual takes on every fact, as anyone watching the primary election debacles can attest.

A major revolution among the parents rocked the school and after the dust settled the one thing the surviving members agreed upon is that there isn’t just one truth.

That being said, the more versions of the truth the better. Bring on more truths!

In Friday’s paper, our two daily papers had a different take on the recycling truth. Both papers had the same facts: Recycling was up 2 percent in 2007, but we still are half the national average. The headline in The Aspen Daily News read, “Recycling levels creep higher,” The Aspen Times said, “Recycling going well.” Which is true? Both? Neither?

Last Thursday, the headline in The Aspen Times was, “Thumbs up for Aspen’s ZG plan.” The Aspen Daily News had a more ambiguous take, “Big turnout boosts support for ZG plan.” In both articles you had to read the fine print to see that neither the Aspen Art Museum (47 for, 22 undecided, 30 against) nor the Pitkin County office spaces (18 for, 18 undecided, 31 against) ” the main components of the plan ” got ringing endorsements.

If all of the nearly 200 attendees at the ZG presentation were personally interviewed by an investigative reporter, there would be that many different interpretations of the truths regarding that meeting.

The truth can be viewed through rose-colored glasses, by the jaundiced eye or anywhere in between.

If the new F.A.I.R. hopes to find a reporter who will reveal the truth, the whole, truth, nothing but the truth, the One Truth ” good luck. If they want someone who will tell their version of the truth, they probably could find that.