Energy debate energizes readers |

Energy debate energizes readers

Aspen, CO Colorado

When Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland and Americans for American Energy spokesman Greg Schnacke traded barbs last week, online readers were quick to jump into the fray.

The article, “Aspen, mayor under fire in energy debate” (Aspen Times, Dec. 20), sparked comment both definding Ireland and bashing him after the AAE called Ireland’s opposition to natural gas drilling on public lands hypocritical, given conspicuous consumption going on in Aspen.

Offered on reader:

Said another, in part:

But, there was also this:


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Offered yet another reader:

Times columnist Paul Andersen set off a flurry of online comment with his Dec. 17 column, “Here’s to ‘Dow up, Earth down,’ ” including this excerpt:

Responded another:

Wrote another:

Last week’s report on Taos ski area’s decision to allow snowboarders, starting in March, sparked this observation:

A board ban remains in effect at Vermont’s Mad River Glen; someone approves:

Last week’s report on Aspen’s new nightspots did not impress at least one individual:

Finally, readers weighed in on Basalt’s plan to purchase the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park and relocate residents. Some of the park’s residents may be illegal immigrants and would be ineligible for other, subsidized housing. The article, “Basalt trailer park purchase could open thorny issue” (Aspen Times, Dec. 17), spurred responses like this one:

Said another:

There was also this:

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