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Election’s coming, election’s coming!

You’ve heard this old, old joke, haven’t you? “What do senators and bad library patrons have in common?” Answer: “They both bend over pages.”Anything that digs the Republicans deeper into their hole is fine with me.I was never a fan of George W, but in the beginning I figured that we’d get through the next four years without serious damage. How wrong I was. With a Republican congress in power the damage escalated and our credibility as a nation diminished – then we elected him AGAIN and there are two more scary years to go.Not that the Democrats have done squat with presidential candidates, and I pray it won’t be Hillary in 2008.Anyway, I would be hard-pressed to vote for any Republicans for state office on November 7. I strongly support John Salazar for the United States congress and Bill Ritter for governor, both of whom have been the victims of nasty hate ads paid for by the “anonymous” Trailhead Group, backed by governor Bill Owens and Pete Coors. I think John Salazar has done a creditable job as our congressman, and I agree with Bill Ritter’s position on immigration and plea bargaining in his position as district attorney.I got a telephone survey loaded against Salazar, and when I demanded to know who was paying for it I got the usual run-around: I don’t know, I just ask the questions – quelle surprise – I can guess. At any rate, if Owens and Coors are against these candidates, I’m for them.Kathleen Curry, running for state representative in district 1, has my strong support, but is running unopposed.Another important one is for state senate, Lewis Entz (Rep) vs Gail Schwartz (Dem). Entz is a total jerk – see Mick Ireland’s letter in the 9/18 issue of The Aspen Times. Our own Gail Schwartz (another victim of the Trailhead Group) is a hard-working, clear-headed, no-nonsense woman who should win this election hands down – I hope she does!This and further columns are strictly about Pitkin County, so I won’t be writing about Snowmass or Starwood or Basalt.I don’t know anything about the judges except for Pitkin County’s Erin Fernandez-Ely and 9th judicial district’s James Boyd. I’ll vote for them to be retained and leave the others blank, on the theory that voters in their own districts should have their say.Why are we requiring that voters show their ID when so many other states have had this prerequisite overturned as illegal? I’m ambivalent on the issue, but think we are skating on thin ice here.Su Lum is a longtime local who will get to the state questions (gag) and local endorsements (gasp) in the following three weeks. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times.

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