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The “State of the Aspen Area: 2000 to 2008” report that was the subject of an article on Wednesday, Sept. 17. Some said the state of this area isn’t great:

Wake up citizens! It seems to me that the state of Aspen is not looking good. The disinterest that our local government has for the middle class is a crime. They say our community is green even when cars idel on Main Street day after day. They have sold Aspen’s soul to developers who build only houses for weathly. There are few real hotels and tons of fractionals that suit only those with higher incomes. If you haven’t been paying attention to the country’s economic crisis, it is in deep doo-doo. Wake up citizens! Storm City Hall and demand a better government who is for all people not just a few.

But here’s a statement of support:

The current city council is committed to making Aspen a place where people can live and work, including the “middle class” (which probably has a special definition in Aspen). This council is much better at saying no to big developers and looking at the big picture, but it needs support. Come to meetings and ask the government to enact stricter growth controls.

And the resulting reply:

You and I apparently are not in touch with the same council. I am one of the dwindling population that lives here full time and has kids in school. The council lectures about carbon footprints, but I still have to sit in a traffic jam for an hour or more because of their refusal to truly address highway 82 traffic. I use public transportation and a bicycle, but sometimes hauling kids and other things requires using a car. My kids usually ride the bus, but apparently I’m an non-enviro jerk for occasionally driving my kids to school when they have large projects or other things to be dropped off with them.

Many of the growth controls enacted by our council have resulted in consequences that I don’t believe are so great. Building is still approved, but there are more hoops to be jumped through and it takes longer for a project to be completed. There is still plenty of building going on… it is just that the largest builder/developer is now the City of Aspen.

This week, readers spoke out about the traffic jam that the Aspen School District regularly experiences at its campus on Maroon Creek Road, in the article, “To drive or not to drive,” on Monday, Sept. 15. There was this comment about “entitled” local parents:

Seems par for the course that some of these Aspen parents live nearby yet continue to drive their kids to school. Typical Aspen attitude of the rules should apply to everyone but me. Entitled ba$tards.

And then a proposed solution:

if we could build a bridge from the school over to tiehack (right next to the walking bridge)all the downvalley school and highlands skier taffic could head to the tiehack road right under the underpass and merge into downvalley taffic…problem solved….

And finally, a condemnation of everyone who gets stuck in that traffic jam:

The traffic jam for dummies. Dummies do not understand that the bus is the way around gridlock at the Entrance to Aspen. And they are really dumb having resisted riding the buses for years. But Aspen’s officials will keep rubbing the dummies noses in this mess until they give up.

More was written this week about the Aspen Skiing Co.’s attempts to be a greener company by offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions. One reader doesn’t think they should waste their time:

The Aspen Skiing Company continues to preach about a subject that is not fact, but purely theory. The FACT IS there is ZERO proof that carbon emissions are related to the alleged Global Warming. However, there is historical proof that sun activity is directly related to the temperatures on the earth. Last time I checked we have no control over the sun.

Drop the STUPID marketing campaigns and foolish attempt to eliminate your carbon footprint. It’s stupid green thinking like this that is going to destroy our economy. When that happens then it won’t really matter if there is snow or not, since there won’t be any money to ski or snowboard.

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