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dotComments: What kind of man was Jim Blanning?

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Jim Blanning, Aspens would-be New Years Eve bomber, continued to generate a great deal of comment among online reader of The Aspen Times this week.Some defended the former longtime Aspenite, while others were sharply critical of Blannings actions.The reader who goes by the screen name McGeorge, responding to the Jan. 2 article, Jim Blanning: An Aspen experience that turned to bitterness, wrote:Goodriddence to bad trash. You hurt a lot of your fellow working men and women with that stunt.Responded pdaig:McGeorge: What a awful thing to write. Have you no sense of decency or compassion in your soul. It was an awful stunt to pull yes, but he was a troubled person obviously and that trouble was partly installed and serviced by others. I am so sad to hear of his demise.Added silverhoss:Jim was an amazing person. Very charismatic, charming, fun to be around. He was part of my life in the early 80s. He is not the madman that some of you are making him out to be. Til the day he died, Jim stayed true to character. He loved the old Aspen and disliked what it has become, and had some unconventional ways of expressing this. He had something to say on New Years Eve and he said it in a way that made people in Aspen take notice. With his knowledge of explosives, if he had really wanted to, he could have made a serious device, but he didnt. It was just enough to cause a stir. And true to form, thats exactly what he did! Jim was a good man, who got lost along the way. Time marched on, but Jim stood still. He will be missed.But, there was this from bgdade:This guy is a terrorist paln and simple…. May the apoligists of Jim Blanning also come up with some way to justify the attacks of 9/11, the columbine shootings, or any other ugly day in our countrys history because thats just about what we had…… Whine and Cry about peoples anger over this terrorist act. Buts lets see how many Working Class owned restrauants that had the busiest day of the year erased from the books are around next year at this time..Things Change they never stay the same…. get over it… Stop the apologies for a terrorist ie. Osama Bin BlanningThe bottom lineThe well-publicized incident involving a Vail skier caught on camera hanging upside-down from a chairlift with his pants down (Vail photographer suspended for photo of dangling skier, Jan. 7) also spurred comment.There was this, from gooz35:The only reason they are going to fire him is because vail resorts people screwed up.Did they fire the person who left the seat up?Give me a break firing a photographer for taking a pic, cmon vail.CHARGERS62 wrote:if i were the skiier, i would sue vail and sharpshooters. total BS.And finally, from kncb:Bear Mtn once used a bare bottomed lady as an advertisment for its ski area. The bottom line is in the eye of the camera.Spoiled brat of a Princess?The Princess Alison Berkley stirred up a few readers with her Jan. 8 column, A bowl and a boy chase the blues away, starting with this from Private Citizen:…and you wonder why teen pregnacy continues to grow and kids keep using drugs at younger ages, when you have entertainment columns like this from a spoiled brat. Responded blueblood:I love how tight wads like Private Citizen have such pat, knee-jerk responses. I also love how theyre almost always wrong. Teen pregnancy rates have declined every year since 1991. They may have edged up a little from 2005 to 2006, but they essentially stayed the same. In other words, you dont have a clue what youre talking about. As for drugs, the lifestyle the Princesss writes about has been the Aspen lifestyle for a long time–you probably partook until you got old and grouchy. (Also, teen drug use peaked in 1979–how old were you then?) Time to move to Florida.ATFan chimed in:If you read this column closely, its not an endorsement of the Aspen lifestyle, so much as its an endorsement of living large and letting the devil take the hindmost.It may not be a lifestyle for all of us, but its an honest account of the life of one little person whos not afraid to share her triumphs and failures, while including her readers in her circle of friends. That takes a lot of trust and heart and a lot of faith in her readers.Itd be easy to paint the perfect, pretty picture of somebody who had it all together, but thats not this writers style.Honesty is a beautiful thing.Vitality? Not reallyAspen Times columnist Su Lum touched a nerve with her Jan. 7 offering, Lift 1A project is no benefit to Aspen, in which she suggested neighboring property owners would realize an increase in their property values if the development is built.Responded Topgun:I concur with many of the things Su Lum says in her column, but dont think the neighbors are thrilled at the prospect of so much congestion. The importance of having a quality of life trumps any possible increase in condo property values. Those of us who rent our homes part of the year will lose our renters given the increased number of beds, so dont presume to think Lift One neighbors are thrilled.As for vitality, vitality in Aspen is synonomous with too much traffic, too much noise, too many loud drunk people in the street at night, and an increase in crime. Whats good about that vitality? Nada.

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