dotComments: Wake up and smell the ash tray |

dotComments: Wake up and smell the ash tray

Aspen, CO Colorado

The proposed smoking ban at the Centennial complex has generated comment among online readers of The Aspen Times both in favor of, and against, the controversial move.There was this, for example: You people are flat crazy. Its just fine to impose your PC garbage on others until your rights come under fire. Im for banning people who are to damn afraid to be free.There was also this: Ive been led to believe that majority rules in our little democracy. Smokers are not a protected class of people within our country anymore, for good reasons, so why should they have more rights than those of us who do not smoke? If the majority of Centennial owners choose to have a smoke free enviroment, let them make that decision. Civil liberties is hardly the issue, common sense is. Wake up and smell the ash trays, or burning flower pots, as this case may be. Another reader offered this observation: With Colorados maky my day law, the people hired to be the smoking peeps would be pretty hazardous. Offered yet another reader: Its such a wonderful Idea. At my apartment, while relaxing on a warm summer day, the neighbor goes outside for a puff … stinking up m apartment with the horrible scent of second hand smoke. But … whos going to enforce it? Neighbors around here dont say anything about noise, I dont see complaints being followed up with. They just recently told everyone to get new parking stickers so they know who should be here and who shouldnt … I havent seen a single car towed or booted so far. We were required to have them by the 20th of June – I dont see anyone enforcing this. They whined about people parking on Free Silver ct, but who is going to care about threats, rules and regulations until they are enforced and the threats become real? Cmon Centennial – dont threaten people, actually follow through on what you say, then people will start being compliant. If you say you’re going to tow or boot without a new pass or a visitors pass, please do then!!! The proposed smoking ban at the Centennial complex has generated comment among online readers of The Aspen Times both in favor of, and against, the controversial move

Fridays report on second-home owners trying to buy their way free of putting an local worker in an employee unit on their property spurred comment, including this: Here we go again – Worcester taking City Council into executive session to determine direction on whether to take the cash. To me this sounds like a bribe. If excepted, full time citizens will never know where this bribe will be used. These second homeowners need to fulfill their obligation or move. And speaking of moving Barwick and Worcester need to start packing as well. There was also this excerpt: Consequence for actions. It is time to live up to obligations, both the land owner and the City council. They knew when they purchased , it was deed restricted. If they would not have agreed to the deed restriction they would not currently be owners. This is a no brainer. They should be forced to live up to their agreed upon contracted obligation. There should be large fines for not obeying the agreement. Those fines should go into the City council fund to obtain employee housing and nothing else. It is people like this who are causing the problem of housing. Or maybe no one makes sure employees have a place to live. They then can go to other towns to work and live. Then the rich can do their own work. Oh, my what would they do if there was no one here to perform servises, work in the shops, take their orders and delivery their food?

Regarding the lack of state funds for completing the Entrance to Aspen came this:Why isnt the paved completion (from Woody Creek to Aspen) of the Rio Grande Trail on this list? Makes me wonder why its not being done. Especially now that Mayor Ireland has his road bike back. This response followed: Because not everyone is interested in paving Paradise to put up a parking lot. If you are truly riding on a road bike you should have not problem riding up W/J and into town like the rest of the real riders. If you are on a mountain bike or even a skinny tire hybrid you should have no problem riding the dirt track on the unpaved section. What is your problem?


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