dotComments: Unlocked bike unleashes critics |

dotComments: Unlocked bike unleashes critics

Fridays news that Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland had another of his bicycles stolen (this time, a not-so-pricey town bike) was more than some readers at could resist.Ireland, by the way, said he was in a rush to catch a bus and left the bike unlocked at a bus stop. The reader who goes by the screen name ProvenPlayer posted this comment: We need a law that all bikes must be locked or there will be a $250 fine. Inspections to begin immediately. Added mfitzgerald: I suppose it would be too much to ask for the mayor to leave himself unlocked by the bus stop. Do it yourselfNor did readers express much sympathy for the writer of a letter to the editor (Pay attention; get outraged, Jan. 22) who complained she couldnt get anyone in government to remove a dead elk from the side of Highway 82. Observed bobbysox8751: You, dear woman, are the perfect example of what is wrong with people in our county. If the dead elk bothers you that much, stop blathering and moaning, get off the keyboard, and remove it yourself. In spite of what you may think, there is no one lower on the food chain than you who is waiting with bated breath to assuage your complex notion that snapping fingers deserve attention. Shop not! A Feb. 23 online article about a radio promotion that will urge residents from Aspen to Rifle to shop locally generated this response from Unprecedented: Uh… no thanks, Id rather SAVE money during a recession, not spend more to help boost an already unrealistic local economy… Thanks though. You wish The controversial Lift One development generated yet more comment this week in response to a Jan. 22 article (Aspens Lift One developers make case to realtors), prompting this from Lurper: It strikes me that John Sarpa and partners are the current day visionaries of our town. Timeshares and Townhomes don’t sound very attractive. This is an opportunity to build something important, something that will pass the test of time like alot of the downtown historic buildings. Hotel Jerome, Aspen Block, Elks Building, Brand Building are buildings that should be mirrored in this new development. Building more retail space is a death sentence. I really wish some anonymous donor would buy the land, remove all the buildings currently there and turn it into open space. Do the math A proposal to close down the Aspen Ice Garden for nearly half of the year (Budget cuts to freeze Aspen Ice Garden? Jan. 22) irked a number of readers. Wrote sunbluemoon: The Lewis ice arena and the Aspen Ice garden are in high use. Aspen could even use a third sheet of ice. How about Wagner park ? Uno the winter poop park for another rink ?? The City of Aspen could save lots of money by getting rid of all the high paid indian chiefs at the ARC! A reader who goes by the name Ski Bump crunched the numbers and offered this conclusion: It is hard to believe that the daily nut for this business is $1571; it simply cant cost that much to operate a functioning ice rink. It is also hard to believe that this rink loses $600 each and every day.Want families? Build homes Basalts housing goals (Basalt sets big goal for affordable housing, Jan. 21) spurred this suggestions from zg2: Please dont forget about single family homes if you want families to be able to live here. Projects like Ace Lanes with ONLY condos next to the highway will only attract one demographic, not the families. Wouldnt it be nice? Efforts to start up a new newspaper (Carbondale residents look to fill newspaper void, Jan. 16) elicited this from LongTimeHere2: It would be really nice to have a local paper that talked about the community without political bias. We want to know our neighbors, we want to read the police blotter (Aspen and Glenwood are printed all the time but not CDale), we want to know whats happening in the hood, and we dont want to get our news from out of town papers. Thank you, I will read it. Gloating jackasses A couple of attempts at poetic Bush bashing in letters to the editor this week also generated comment. Adios, in verse (Jan. 22), earned praise from the reader who goes by the screen name 1978LivesOn: Classic!! Wonderful prose… I forwarded it to dozens so that it may find its way to the Web. Excellent job! But jgately wrote: The Democrat Congress has been chasing the Bush administration around for two years, but done nothing positive for the country, except for raising the minimum wage. As a result, Pelosi and Reids legislators have the lowest approval rating of any Congress in US history. Bush was booed by the dimwits in the crowd, when he stepped up to praise Obama and help celebrate the occasion. Nobody booed Carter when Reagan became president, and there are plenty of reasons why the partisan crowd couldve let loose with catcalls. It is time for the Democrats to show some class. Gloating and acting like jackasses isnt going to help America.

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