dotComments: Time for Latino community to step up? |

dotComments: Time for Latino community to step up?

An attack on two women in Carbondale this week by three teenage girls spurred plenty of comment from online readers of The Aspen Times.The Feb. 4 article detailing the assault (Teens assault two women in Carbondale) prompted this from a reader who goes by the screen name cshellyg:I hope they make those girls pay. This is sick that they attacked 2 innocent women. If theyre illegal, then send them home…..Added john 36:This story would be pretty easy to blame on the hispanic community, but I think its bigger than that. I blame all the crappy parents in this valley who either let there kids get away with murder or who are so wrapped up in there own lives and just dont give a damb. This valley is full of shotty parents and its disgusting who becomes a parent, lock the parents up I say. Growing up I never was abused but if I got out of line I usually got a kick in the butt or a slap across the back of the head. It was all just enough to say hey, wake up, stay out of trouble and use your head. Would this have happened 15, 20 years ago, NO! The ranching families who started this valley and the eary ski bums raised there kids right, learn the family business make something of yourself, or become a skier and and set goals.You didnt even have to follow either of those paths but it lead you in a direction that was destined for success.Parents suck here!AmericanVoice offered this:Whats going on in Carbondale? This is the second violent crime in about 3 weeks. The last one was that guy who was stabbed multiple times and had his throat cut. Whats going on? The police do their job, and do it well, but why dont I see the elders in the Latino community stepping up? When you do nothing about a problem, you become part of the problem. Good people who do nothing will be the downfall of our world. If it were me who was attacked by those gang-wanna-bees, youd be reading about their injuries instead of mine. Third World retaining pondImmigration was also the focus of reader comment in response to Paul Nitzes Feb. 5 column on the topic (Turning the wrong corner on immigration).Said the reader who goes by the screen name mfitzgerald:There is no point in having this discussion at all, without effectively securing the border, first.Nobody would buy a home, if he were told, upfront, that the house wouldnt have doors, and that people could come and go, squat for a week, raid the frige — whatever — with impunity, and that there would be no end in sight to this arrangement.Do we want to maintain a sovereign state, America, with a unique, story, culture and heritage, or do we want to become a third-world retaining pond a catch basin for anyone and everyone that wants to stroll across our borders and raid our pantry?It aint that tough a concept to wrap our minds around, really.Democrats love the open border reality, because it ensures a steady flow of immigrants (wink, wink…) who settle and vote for Democrats. Republicans think our two-party political system is pretty great the way it is.Make your escape plans, now. New Zealand looks pretty good.Added Private Citizen:The US is the only country in the world that offers automatic citizenship to any child born here. This needs to change. I believe that the economy will and already has driven illegals back to their home country. Americans need jobs. There are jobs out there, but one must be willing to do any job to earn a living. No more, oh, I could never do that!And, jgately offered this:Nobody should blame the immigrants. Blame vested business interests and blame politicians with no backbones. We are selling America down the Rio Grand. End of story.Gotta textThe Feb. 6 article on a proposed state bill that would outlaw hand-held cell phone use while driving (Aspen mixed on proposed state cell phone law) included the observations of a South African currently residing in Aspen who said the practice results in fines in his home country.JamesJones responded:Sorry, but you cant compare South African driving to American driving – its a completely different scenario! People will still talk on their phones, text, email, browse the web, all while driving – I dont have a choice, my line of work demands at a minimum talking, texting and emailing, regardless if Im driving or not. Sure, my bluetooth speakerphone is great, but sometimes no, that email cannot wait and no, I cant pull over to send it! Its a skill you learn, like offensive driving when growing up in Boston – its not regluated, its learned out of necessity!

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