dotComments: Thoughts on Crowley |

dotComments: Thoughts on Crowley

The recent firing of longtime Aspen police officer Jim Crowley generated plenty of comment from online readers of The Aspen Times last week.According to police, Crowley showed up for work under the influence of alcohol, leading to his dismissal. One reader had this to say: Its an incredibly terrible situation that no one should have to go through, but with Crowly being an officer of the law, he should have used much more discretion in his choice to drink before work and even showing up to work, especially considering he had been drinking! Im sure that the 2 hour delay in getting the BAC was the department talking about what to do and giving him some time to sober up before getting the results, in order to help the guy, but do you people expect the department to say that? Regardless of what the department did or didnt do, Crowly, being an officer, should have used better discretion in his decision to go to work that morning! Could you imagine the lawsuit if a citizen had been injured due to his drinking and then going to work? He is an officer of the law and should be held to a higher regard in this matter – he should know better. Said another: Isnt nice that he was able to wait 2.5 hours after he showed up to work drunk to get his breathalyzer test? Do all citizens get that luxury? Then came this response: Do all citizens get that luxury? Whenever a police officer gets in trouble, it seems someone anonymously will complain that he somehow got off easy. Not excusing Officer Crowleys behavior, but these two misdemeanor charges would get the everyday citizen a mere slap on the wrist in Pitkin County Court. Officer Crowley not only has to face the charges, he has also just lost an 18 year career. And after being his partner for many of those years I can tell you it was an honorable and dedicated service that goes a long way into making Aspen the safe and peaceful place that it is. On top of it, he will now have to face a not-so-unbiased litany of news articles by the local papers, and uneducated and disrespectful comments from readers like you. Trust me when I say I think Officer Crowley would choose the luxury of all citizens over what he has just and has yet to endure. The familys thoughts go out to Jim, and to the APD. There was also this: Jim is human, thus able to make mistakes, as we all do. A veteran of our Country and of our community, of which he has served for 18 years. A peace officer that this community will dearly miss. An excellent man, a great father and a friend. And this: I drive a school bus and show up to work hung over all the time. However, when Im really hurting the next morning I just call in sick. Why couldnt he have just done the same thing? Give it up, BobBob Dylans performance at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Labor Day Festival also generated comment, including this: Theres a reason people retire and stop doing what they once were talented at. By Dylans third song people were streaming out the gate and onto the busses intent on going somewhere more rewarding. The game became Can you identify this song? Not an easy task as he mumbled his words with each song seemingly played to the same soundtrack. Does he perform because he needs the money? Give it up Bob and save some face. Responded another reader: I have been to many Dylan concerts and they have all been amazing. People are obviosly going to be leaving at a festival-type event because some are not necessarily there to see Dylan and may not know his music. His REAL fans know his style and love it. His concerts have always been outstanding, and he and his band are always great and upbeat. And I would suggest that anyone who doesnt care for his music shouldnt bother writing a review or posting a comment, it just shows how much time you have on your hands to post comments on artists you dont even like. And P.S. he doesnt need the money. If you would have stuck around long enough to watch his set you would have noticed the huge diamond ring on his ring finger.

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