dotComments: The Jim we knew |

dotComments: The Jim we knew

Aspen, CO Colorado

Aspens much-publicized New Years Eve bomb threats and Jim Blanning, the former longtime Aspenite who police say delivered the bombs and threatening notes before taking his own life, were the talk of the town last week. They also generated comment from online readers of The Aspen Times.The Jan. 2 article, Jim Blanning: An Aspen experience that turned to bitterness by reporter Scott Condon, drew several comments, including this from a reader who goes by the screen name tailwaggers:I am very saddened by Jims actions and the reprocusions to the community on New Years Eve. The monies lost are huge and the fear he created is unexcusible. He just snapped. Thank you for this article that shows more of the Jim we used to know back in the 80s.Added Proven Player:Who provided a man on parole two guns? This was his revenge on the town of Aspen. New Years night, banks, the words in his note, etc. Well written article Scott.I would bet the sheriff wants to know who provided him with the weapons.And, there was this from laffingbear:May he rest in peace. An Aspen original. He will be missed.Offered skibum63, in response to Suspect Blanning has checkered past in Aspen (Jan. 1):What a sad day. I spent winter 62-63 in Aspen on my way to move west. Jim Blanning and his two brothers grew up in Aspen with their mother. I became friends with one brother that winter and also knew Jim and their mother. Jim opened a bar that winter called the Molly Gibson that catered to locals including ski bums (workers in local businesses) like me, so I spent a lot of time there as well as in the mothers house. I lost track of all of them, but it’s sad to see that Jims life turned out so sadly.Dog owners out of controlLast weeks coverage of enforcement of the leash law at Crown Mountain Park in El Jebel (Dog owners barking over enforcement of leash law, Dec. 30) also garnered plenty of comments from online readers.From peoplesuck came this:F I N A L L Y ! ! !These dog owners are out of control.I was at a bank, and a friendly dog jumped up on an older lady who was at the tellers window. The oblivious owner saw it and told her, hes just saying hi! Problem was, the lady had just had her hip replaced…I have a son who is extremely allergic to dogs and cannot use Crown Mountain because of the possibility that he may come into contact with an off-leash dog, or step in some dog crap or whatever. How is this fair? When do the rights of dogs come before the rights of people?To thewayitis: I would have shot the dogs if they had charged ME on MY property. Period. The safety of my family comes before some dimwitted dog owner and his/her dogs.I love dogs, Ive had them all my life (not one lived less than 17 years). But I always had several acres for them to run off a leash: MY property.God, people can be stupid.Wrote gghm, in part:I love dogs but the majority of the owners are a piece of work. In the summer, I volunteer as a ranger and its astounding how few dogs are on leashes when every trail head clearly states that leashes are required. Im appalled by the owners lack of concern for other trail users, wild life and their own animal’s safety. I hope there are a lot of tickets written and owners finally realize that dogs must be leashed.But, there was this from zg2:I think the rules should be as they are in many other areas in the valley where your dog can be off leash but has to be under voice command. I find there are many wonderful dogs in this park. The very few that are not would still be ticketed if they are agressive or not under control. This is such a minor issue (only being addressed because we have people who have come to this valley that seem to complain about everything). This park is great just that way it is and has been. Let the dogs play.

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