dotComments: The Bush clone vs. the smooth talker |

dotComments: The Bush clone vs. the smooth talker

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National politics continues to be front and center on the minds of Aspen Times readers, judging from last weeks online comments at of online readers took time to comment on the Oct. 22 Aspen Times editorial (Enough is enough; vote for Obama), both for and against Obama. Said one reader: yeah, sure…..and have I got a good deal for you said the fox….. This Obama is a smooooth talker. Maybe he should be selling used cars! Offered another: It amazes me that after 8 yars of George W. That anyone would even consider voting for John McCain and the Bimbo from Alaska. Enough Already!!! I have watched McCain in debates and speeches and he scares me to death. He is a Bush Clone all over again and worse. If you can get any worse. McCain is ready for the depends aisle in Walmart and the ditz from Alaska needs to go home and curl up with Joe 6 pack. I cant imagine that woman leading any country! Are you out of your minds???????????????????? Vote for McCain…….dear god you have lost your mind if you do that. I wanted Hilary …But I think Obama will do fine. He might even be honest. Yet another reader had this to say: I think you forgot that Hillary was winning in the last of the primary elections after the dems got a better look at Obama. The innuendo that Obama pals around with terrorists has been taken way out of context however, how can you write your editorial knowing that Obama’s political life began in Ayer’s living room? How can you overlook the fact that he attended a church for 20 years, had his children baptized by Rev. Wright and just now found out that Wright is a racist? Come on. If Rev. Wright and Obama was white, Obama’s career would be over. Even giving Obama a free pass on the above because guilt by association is not always fair, just how can you overlook his non participation in the Senate; and, yes Bush is the anti Christ to most democrats, but just how can anyone with a straight face say it was all his fault? Especially since 2006? Others commented on the Times endorsement: The Aspen Times is endorsing Barry Obama?!?!? Holy crap! Alert the real media! Road rage? Last weeks coverage of the opening of the Highway 82 bus lanes on the outskirts of Aspen also generated comment. There was this, for example: Whoopie! Now the bus can go faster on a short stretch of highway… while the rest of the trucks and cars will still be backed up every morning and afternoon. Congratulations RFTA! From another reader comes this excerpt: Congratulations! Someone’s dream has come true. It just isnt mine or any of the other hundreds of workers that have to (repeat have to) drive to work. The owners of this lane are so stingy only RFTA buses and emergency vehicles can drive in it. Question to police: When faced with someone driving in the bus only lane and someone speeding, who are you going to stop? And, someone had this to say, in part: I know that you are all excited about this bus lane but I, for one, think that its a very bad idea. I am certainly glad that I will not be one of the ones that have to use the lane for any commuting, in fact, if I have to get a job, I will make sure that it is down valley. I believe that there will be many more commuters that feel the same way. Way to go Aspen, its already bad enough coming into Aspen to work so you just made it worse. Do you think any of the real wage earners are going to ride the bus? Would you? Cmon, economic meltdown! Last weeks report on what may be a tough winter, economically, for tourism-dependent Aspen didnt faze this reader, who said, in part: I hope the whole deck of cards folds! Maybe then the crappy real estate/law firm/time-share/ greed mongers who have ruined the whole Aspen environment will take a LONG HOPED-FOR HIKE…and we can have some normal businesses downtown…not the crap we’ve seen blossom over the last 18 years.

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