dotComments: The big bad wolf |

dotComments: The big bad wolf

Basalts development moratorium and Aspen Mayor Mick Irelands bicycle were but two of the topics that caught the attention of online readers of The Aspen Times this week.The moratorium, which is the focus of the Times online poll (its up through Sunday), spurred observations like this one: Too late. The door is open and the wolf has on the cloak of preservation. Its sad that the real effect of this moratorium will only increase the cost of living in Basalt. My bet is that 9 months wont be long enough for the town to figure anything out. Then came this response:You can only hold off the big bad wolf for so long from blowing down your house. Unfortunately, even bricks fall down in this valley. (Except the Emma building, the tears of wanting to preserve our valley can hold up for a few more years) Just wait, the big bad wolf is knocking on our door, how long can we tell ourselves we are not home until we lose ourselves in the Urban Valley.

The mayors July 2 letter to the editor, expressing thanks to all who hoped and prayed for the return of his stolen bike (it was returned), also generated comment. There was this, for example: None of this would be happening if he would have locked his $5000.00 bike. Who the hell doesnt lock a $5000.00 bike? Dipstick!! Wrote another: This is a joke, right? I would love to know just one person who actually prayed that mayors $5,000 bike would be returned. But what I would really like to know is how can a guy who touts himself to be the champion of the little guy, the downtrodden, the disenfranchised, look at any of these constituents in the face and say I can afford to buy a $5,000 bike, but I still have to live in affordable housing. This guy is so classic – all the smarts to go out and make an honest living putting him in position to buy free market housing, yet he chooses to stay underemployed so he can play around on his expensive bikes while the people who really NEED affordable housing are left out in the cold. I think most people from the generation that spawned kids his age would classify the mayor as a real loser!

Columnist Thomas Friedmans appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and his thoughts on global warming and a green revolution, prompted this response:I think Ill quit my job and write books about the end of the world as we know it.

Times columnist Su Lum touched a nerve with her July 2 column, in which she said she hasnt lost faith in the Aspen City Council. Responded one reader: The mayor has done exactly zilch to stifle development: If anything, theres been a net increase. The difference? Public works projects have doubled, and private development (the kind that raises revenues for the city’s good works) has all but disappeared. Has anyone noticed a slackening of construction in Aspen? Anyone? Same dump trucks, service vehicles, workers, pavement crews, road cones and other construction-related detritus. The only difference is that now the taxpayers are footing the bill. Only in Aspen would that be considered progress.

Addison Gardners July 1 column, Obama: Redeemer or fraud? elicited plenty of online comment, including this: It is a sad day for American politics when the country is voting for a presidential candidate solely because he is young, black and a good debater. What has he said or done to make him presidential? Nothing that anyone has come up with yet. While McCain may not have the Reagan charisma, he has a proven record of character, loyalty, integrity and leadership. That sits well with me and warrants consideration. Offered another: Obama is the frustrating result of Americas desperation for competent leadership. I now know Obama is not who he initially appeared to be. Sad, but, glad the light has been cast. There was also this: Right now, Obama is shiny, young, toothy grinned, and howdy doody eared. He also high fives his wife. Since entertainment is king, all star-gazing American lemmings will get in line behind this untried and untested Kennedy do-over. Get serious people, McCain has earned his right to say, I think I can be president. If you still need something pretty to look at, there will always be Cindy. Case closed.(high five!) Readers may comment on any article at by clicking on Comments at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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