dotComments: teens, tunes and booze |

dotComments: teens, tunes and booze

Underage drinking at area outdoor concerts, and the resulting arrests, aroused online reader of The Aspen Times last week.Several teens were were sentenced for drinking at a Fanny Hill concert at Snowmass, prompted a dialogue that included this: If my teenager was to get caught, he knows that my punishment will be worse than the court. But, there was also this: They treat these poor kids like theyre criminals. A few underage kids drinking alcohol deserve a warning, a slap on the wrist, a ride home to their parents house in the police car and maybe a $100 citation. This sort of punishment and treatment they received is outrageous. SHAME on the local law enforcement and courts as well. This is a small community and you treat them like hard-core criminal offenders. This is not how you treat children and it certainly not going to help them grow up to become productive, responsible citizen of United States. We were all young once and children now days are being robbed of their right to be a child!And, finally: It is a shame that there are peoplewho think that children these days are being robbed of their right to be a child when law enforcement and the court send a strong message to them that drinking is not the right of a minor. These kids get messages every day that partying is okay and hey if I get in too deep I can just go to rehab. Shame on you and good luck to your kids. Arrests at the Summer of Jazz concerts in Glenwood Springs sparked this observation:Ah, so I see there is a little widespread panic in Glenwood Springs over a rash of underage drinking violations occurring at the Summer of Jazz Concert series at Two Rivers Park. At the Summer of Jazz Concerts??? As a jazz devotee and jazz radio show program host, I am surprised that significant numbers of 16-year olds are showing up to enjoy this beloved music which generally attracts a much older audience. What a progressively charming community this must be to attract such a younger audience to hear the music we call Americas own. If the park is filled with teens, then bravo for the future of jazz and shame on the idiot adults who are purchasing alcohol for these kids. Garfield, Hecht & Klanderud? Last weeks report on how former Aspen Mayor Helen Klanderud wound up being used in an advertisement for Garfield & Hecht, a local law firm that is suing the city, elicited several comments, including this: Ah ha, now I can connect the dots between Klanderuds votes and the stories she tells us at so many cocktail parties. There was also this: In retrospect Klanderuds voting record and support of Garfield & Hecht is awkward with the lawsuit now. In retrospect she should have considered that before casting votes and before signing up for the ad. Second-home owners respondA report on the number of second homes in Snowmass Village and the energy used by the often-vacant residences spurred comment, including a couple from second-home owners. There was this, for example: Oh, but dont forget most Aspen-Snowmass locals view those of us who are successful and can afford second homes like were criminals. Its outrageous that these wackos get so much press and sadly the United States is heading down the wrong road with these people and their crazy ideas. They make it seem like average citizens are wasteful which I dont appreciate. Responded another: I dont know who is doing these studies but as a second home owner Im not stupid. I turn off everything and in the winter my thermostat is down to 48 which keeps my pipes from freezing. My electric bill runs about $20 per month. In the winter my electric bill goes up to $100 per month and my propane use is about 10 gallons a day in the dead of winter and virtually zero in the summer. I unfortunately have forced air heat and snow melt cables and as everyone knows we needed those cables last winter. My neighbor narrowly missed death because of a roof avalanche and he doesnt have the cables. Why dont we stop spending money on studies and knock on doors and ask people to lower their us when theyre arent home instead of vilifying them in the paper? I worked very hard for my second home and the last time I looked it was mine and not yours. Get a job.

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