dotComments: Taking aim at cyclists, ACRA

Aspen, CO Colorado

Online readers of The Aspen Times weighed in on a number of news stories this week, but the most pointed remarks were made toward Aspen Chamber Resort Associations idea for a special tax district for downtown lodges, and state legislation aimed at making drivers play nicely with cyclists on the road. Senate Bill 148, signed by Gov. Bill Ritter last week, stipulates that motorists risk being fined $110 if they dont give cyclists at least 3 feet of space. Throwing an object at a cyclist could result in a class 2 misdemeanor, with fines ranging between $250 and $1,000. Readers chimed in, but did not show much support for cyclists.Reader fcq said, Bikers should stop running red lights, stop running stop signs, stop riding in the middle of the road…They should, but never will. If *real* bikers refuse to ride on bike trails, why are we wasting so much money on seperate bike trails. Better to use some of that money on wider, paved, shoulders where *real* bikers can ride. Some day, the bikers will meet a RFTA bus up close. The RFTA bus will not be the loser … weight and mass stuff. Reader Big Chris had this to say: Why don’t we force bikers to register there bikes if they want to ride it on the road? It is more than annoying when the Lance Armstrong wanna-be’s ride there bike thinking it’s as good as a car and sit in the middle of the lane. That prompted this response from Sherpa: I once had a RFTA bus almost run me off the road……oh and Fat Chris how do you know that wasn’t Lance Armstrong on the road? I do agree though, there are those bikers that think they are god on the road. Those bikers end up dead or in a hospital bed, cause they really don’t know how to ride to begin with! Chris maybe if you put your beer down while you drive, you would not need to worry about bikers urking you off.Meanwhile, some readers took issue with ACRAs plans to move forward with plans to create a Local Marketing District for the sole purpose of increasing marketing and sales funds. The plan would need voter approval through a November ballot question, which would seek to increase the lodging tax to 1.5 percent, raising an additional $1 million to market Aspen.Online readers did not seem enthused by the idea.Said reader Sarah Smith: WHAAAAAAAAATT? MORE money for ACRA? Shouldn’t they prove they can do something with the money thay already have? p.s. tourists are bargain hunting………….. so jack up the prices & then all scratch your heads later when it doesn’t work! Will somebody please get a clue! Equally perplexed was fcq, who said, Increasing tax Rates may decrease revenue. Tourists have choices. This is stupid.Then there was EagleScout, who had this comment: Tax them out of business. Lets go back to nothing, that will show em. Not to be out done, 1978LivesOn took aim at the plan as well.Save your breath…the only thing that will save” this town is returning to the fun and action of the ’70s and ’80s…. Where are the fun bars, restaurants, nightclubs? THAT’S where your “fun” has gone…to the dogs!


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