dotComments: Stapleton, wolves and New Mexico |

dotComments: Stapleton, wolves and New Mexico

The recent death of longtime local Jane Stapleton elicited several letters to the editor, as well as online remembrances.One letter, “Missing Janie Stapleton” (Aspen Times, June 8) from Peter Elliott of Texas, prompted an online rebuke.Said the reader, in part:Although poignant and heartfelt, I cannot help but think that your outpouring does a disservice to the woman we love … I can almost hear Janie Mae blushing then hitting the roof in her own inimitable way about this letter as well as some recent accounts of the stories of her life …We will all miss her and remember her so enormously, there is no comfort in loosing such a vital dear one. My solice is knowing that lurking out there in the air is wicked grin/chortle/zinger about this very type of tear jerk.• • • •The June 7 report on a possible wolf sighting near Capitol Lake stirred this observation:How I hope this is true … we could be headed towards a full balance of nature. We can only profit from wolves as nature intended. Let’s hope they realize the Eden we have in Colorado and stay!br>• • • •Roger Marolt’s June 9 column, “When did Aspen Peak?”, also elicited comment.Said a reader: Its not just Aspen. Many people in the entire country have the feeling we are going down hill.• • • •Howie Roemer of New Mexico jumped to the defense of Santa Fe and Taos after Times columnist Paul Andersen took issue with the city noise of the former and the din of motorcycles in the latter (Taos happened to be hosting a motorcycle rally during his visit).Said Roemer of Taos: While the noise in town may have been less than desirable, it’s important to understand that it is very much the exception to the norm. I think most would agree that it could never be a mistake to sidetrack through Taos.As for Santa Fe, Roemer, in part, had this to say: Santa Fe is indeed a city, but I’d have to say that it’s a city that is relatively uncongested, clean, and quiet.• • • •Finally, the May 12 story about a man suing a Carbondale police officer, the police chief and the town over the officer’s use of a Taser continues to provoke online chatter.Last week, one reader offered this:Why don’t the trustees do something about the poor management of the town. I believe that some good management would do Carbondale some good. The tax payers are footing the bill for the mistakes that are being made. • • • •Readers may comment, anonymously if they wish, to articles published at by clicking on “Comments” at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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