dotComments: Shut up and ski |

dotComments: Shut up and ski

A seemingly innocuous web report about the weather in Aspen (More snow, cold head for Aspen, Dec. 19) circulated in the blogosphere, collecting comments last week at and elsewhere.Wrote a reader who uses the screen name gommygoomy:Will you guys keep it down, out there? The rest of us are trying B.S. the world in to the whole Global Warming thing, and you clowns are complaining that its too COLD. Do you know how many of us out here, are trying to make big bucks on this thing? Wind Power, Solar, Screwy Light Bulbs filled with mercury. And, of course, the big one, buying and SELLING Carbon Credits. Can you believe it? This thing is a GOLD MINE! And youre mucking it up. Now , just SKI, or dont ski. But shut up abpout it , already. Some of us are trying to make a living. Wrote jjjones77:Ahh, global warming. My heart goes pitter patter just thinking about it. I did get 14 billion free carbon offsets, so I can spew all the carbon I want and not feel guilty. And, there was this from dogfud:You Aspen snobs make me sick. Ive skied Corbets with the actual temp -12 and loved every second. See thats why Jackson is so great, if the steep wont keep out the rif-raf mother nature will. JamesJones offered a slightly different take:Where IS that global warming? Its cold out there … can someone bring it back? Maybe burn some tires or take down some trees?Seriously though, what about the bus lanes now that the lines are covered??? What a GREAT investment considering half the people in town dont know about them so they drive in them, and the other people in town dont care, so if you cant see the lines, drive there! Oh yeah … it doesn’t help that the plowing doesnt allow for enough room on the bus side of the lanes …. What a wonderful investment considering most of these roads will stay snow covered throughout the winter – cant wait for the first round of accidents because of them.Speaking of snowThe Dec. 24 article Pow! Its DEEPcember on the slopes again in Aspen also produced comment, including this from ProvenPlayer:I thought all that money spent at the Canary Institute of Global Warming said that Aspen was going to have the Climate of Basalt? Thats what you get when you try and fool with mother nature.Responded holykailas:ProvenPlayer, get off your conservative high horse, it will take decades to ruin winter.In fact, global warmer will increase precipitation and thus snow to places like Aspen for the future but evetually winter will be squeezed at both ends, ie… shorter winter.Party pooperThe Dec. 22 article Russian tycoon cancels Aspen party also generated online comment, including this from KingKrabby: Dinner reservations cancelled…. This would only be a newsworthy story in Aspen, where people are so preoccupied with wealth or the lack of it.Thanks for the memoriesThe Dec. 25 article about the man behind the development of the former Ritz Carlton Aspen (Mohamed Hadid is back in Aspen looking for deals), elicited this account of the old days from Logjam:Mohamed Hadid is a great guy. He rented a bunch of us local boneheads a 5 bedroom house, that we turned in to a 7 bedroom house, at 909 E Cooper for a $1000 a month. He could have torn down that house at anytime and choose not to. I am sure the APD urged him often to do so. The house was infamous for Aspen after bar partys from 1985-1992? I think. I can thank him for seeing the sun rise 300 days a year and being able to pay my rent in half a bartending shift at the Tippler. Aghhhh the good ole days. Thanks Mr HadidBut there was also this, from the reader who goes by the screen name broncos suk:go back to your country and stay camel riderEl Conquistador responded:broncos suk? camel rider? Im amazed that you know how to use a computer – let alone read newspapers.So long, luxury?The Dec. 23 letter to the editor (Out of touch) regarding Aspens two Saturdays of free downtown parking before Christmas prompted this from Eucken:Right on brother! Aspen is one of the worst managed citites in America. All this affluence and they turn into corrupt idiots; like a shark frenzy luring all these inane luxury corporate chains. Who wears the wierd cloths that most of these shops sell. Like Gucci. Nobody dresses like that outside of GQ magazine. Lets pray that commercial property prices come crashing down.. Do all of these fat cats really come to Aspen and have it feel like Manhattan. Down with the New York-South Hampton Social Axis. Theyre all broke after the Madoff scam. How long until we see the luxury goods store leave Aspen? Soon we hope.

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