dotComments: Put plan to vote, or out to pasture |

dotComments: Put plan to vote, or out to pasture

ASPEN ” Various articles and letters regarding the proposed Lift One redevelopment in Aspen caught the attention of online readers of The Aspen Times last week.

The Times Dec. 12 editorial (“Lift One’s fate belongs in City Council’s hands”) spurred this from a reader who goes by the screen name DontComplain:

A project this big should go to a public vote.

But, there was also this from pmenter98388:

The Times is absolutely right. For Council to punt this project to the voters without acting on it would: 1.Be a slap in the face to all the community members, appointed by Council, who worked so hard to craft the proposal; 2. Effectively render the COWOP process irrelevant for use in any future project review, and 3; Set a standard of subjecting major decisions on use of private property to a popularity contest rather than on the merits of the proposal. As an outsider looking in, its been a good process so far. All that remains is an up or down voter from the Council. I am confident that they will do the right thing and give this project the vote it deserves.

A Dec. 9 article (“Aspen council puts off decision on Lift One development”) prompted this from snowcrow:

Put the whole darn thing out to pasture! Not only is it a debacle in the making, it “once again” undermines the casual, small-ski-town feel that many of us moved here to enjoy many moons ago.

“Build, build, build”…destroy, destroy, destroy…all in the name of progress. Phooey, send the developers packing! All they want is to be out of town with their $$ when the whole (crappy) thing is over.

And for the love of god, if ONE illegal alien is hired anywhere on site I hope the ICE crowd shows up and shuts the whole thing down and arrests and fines the business owners.

A Dec. 11 letter to the editor (“Going to the goats”) on the topic of Lift One spurred this from the reader known as Private Citizen:

Mayor Mick is waffling so much on this he should open a IHOP.

A Dec. 6 letter on one aspect of the Lift One plan (“Deny additional space for ski museum”) generated some online debate, including this reply from MR Dick:

yeah who cares about ski history anyway, it’s not like you live in a historical ski town or anything. maybe you would be happier with a mining museum!

Topgun responded:

Mr. Dick–are you not aware there IS a mining museum near Aspen? No one goes there. I’m NOT suggesting we NOT honor ski history, but I sure as hell am saying the ski museum does NOT need to be a whopping 8500 sq. ft. Museums can be good without being HUGE.

EDLFWood offered this suggestion in response to news of Aspen native Bryan Sax’s death in a Florida plane crash:

Bryan was by far one of the nicest guys in Aspen he was always helpful and encouraging and kind to others. I am always stunned when I here such a good person is gone. He was a great man. God bless him. SKICO, please give him a run and make it a double black. Dav make sure he gets it.

Added gdude:

Bryan was a great man, he will be missed.

Sports writer Jon Maletz’s Dec. 11 coverage of local sports (“Aspen football rakes in postseason awards”) spurred this from bunyan_boy:


Thank you for the excellent article on the revived Aspen Football program and all of the other sports coverage you and your fellow reporters provide for us out here in thte hinterlands. However, I was a bit shocked to learn that there was a 33 year hiatus. I lived in Aspen in the ’90’s when there was a short-lived revival of the football program that featured some pretty good athletes including Travis Benson, Alec Parker, and Ari Chaney among many others. I hope their devotion and hard work will not be forgotten.

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