dotComments: Poor (white) role models at AHS |

dotComments: Poor (white) role models at AHS

Readers at sounded off on a variety of topics this week, including a pot bust involving Aspen High School students.The Feb. 26 article about two Aspen High students who face expulsion after an alleged marijuana sale spurred this from jigga2luis: I will ask the stupid question that many jackasses will soon ask. ARE THEY ILLEGAL ALIENS?!!!!! From a reader with the screen name AspenHighSchoolStudent, there was this: To answer your stupid question.. nooo they are not illegal aliens! They are WHITE! Why does everyone blame them for everything?? I go to Aspen and honestly it doesn;t suprise me.. it was about time! Most of the students who consume drugs are WHITE!! Why do people think Hispanics are to blame for this s***!? From starrose came this: I work in the asd perschool I feel that having young kids see that is just not cool I think the high school kids should be role models for the younger kids in the elementary school and the perschool kids too Arrogant Aspenite The Feb. 27 On the Hill: Get your (butt) to Snowmass, ostensibly praising a snowboarding experience at Snowmass, left one reader less than impressed. Wrote AspenSnowmass OG: Thanks for the half hearted attempt of not sounding like an arrogant Aspenite, who finds it hard to leave the round-about. I currently live in Snowmass, after years of Aspen living and a short stint in Basalt; I love it. For one, the people who live in Snowmass tend to be less transient, a little more in touch with reality, and out of the bubble of Aspen. If you actually spent any time skiing or riding Snowmass Mountain you would realize the errors of your article. The Gondola is brilliantly placed. When I first rode it, I thought the same thing; this thing goes nowhere. That was before I knew the mountain intimately and will attest that the people mover does its job incredibly well, and gets me to my favorite places with great ease and half the time it used to take. The Base Village, in all its glory is at the base of the mountain. I always love reading articles by journalists who use outrageous statments for lack of thought. Pizza or pucks? The online poll, quizzing readers on whether food charges by City Hall employees was a big deal, elicited this from shredHead, apparently in reference to the proposed partial closure of the Aspen Ice Garden to cut costs: especially when, to try and save $160,000 in city funds, theyd rather close a historic and well used facility than give up their big wraps and Dominoes. In fact, city spending on food continued to elicit comment this week, both in response to City Manager Steve Barwicks Guest Opinion piece, published Feb. 27, and to the Feb. 24 article, Aspen city manager defends dining tabs. The latter spurred this from popcornwagon: I wonder how much liquor we bought Barwick and others, it would explain quite a bit of the decisions that have been made. But, a couple of readers suggested it was time for reporter Carolyn Sackariason to move on to another topic. Offered dawn in aspen: MOVE ON! My bet is shell move on all right. Next it will be hotel and travel expenses. This is not a time to be making everyone mad. There was a woman at the City Council meeting last night who spent [hours] getting all hepped up about it, wrote a speech and angrily delivered it to Council. Enough Carolyn! Geesh! Someone buy her a sandwich, Ill throw in the chili. Matchmaker, matchmaker The Feb. 27 article about a New York matchmaker seeking a woman in Aspen for one of her male clients (Matchmaker back to mine Aspen’s treasures) elicited this from 1978LivesOn: Oh youve come to the PERFECT place… Over the years Aspen has become INfamous for attracting idiots who can pretend to know something, look good in spandex, and flit around town like Queen Isabella! Perfect way to underscore what Aspen has become: Where wanna-be greed heads come to be adopted Observed Lurper: Wall street type, 42, spends alot of time in Aspen, hot body, paying someone to find a mate. 2 words: Erectile Dysfunction. Wanted: New bloodSeveral readers posted comments about the potential candidate slate in the upcoming city election (Aspens campaign season ramping up, Feb. 26). Private Citizen wrote: It seems as if the same people run all the time. Aspen needs new, young blood…a local kid who has seen it all. Think about you young folks… Offered ZG Aspen: No real local and by that I mean a person born and raised in Aspen would ever want to be associated with the joke that is city council. It has become a club of 5th grade know-it-alls (Mick) that do NOT represent the Aspen people or the town because they can not hear the residents over their constant ego stroking blabber. I honestly believe that over the last decade city council, the mayor, and the local pool of political activist have been the greatest struggle facing the city.

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