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dotComments: Owsley gets feedback

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Pitkin County Commissioner Michael Owsleys decision to skip the Oct. 22 Red Ant Election Forum garnered comment from online readers of The Aspen Times last week.Among the opinions: Michael Owsley was the one I was encouraging friends to vote for but after this stunt of refusing to even show up for this forum, I?m reversing course and will energetically talk up Owsley?s unwillingness to listen. But, said another: I will vote for Michael Owsley because he is honest, tells it like it is, and recognizes that the Ant people have an agenda that is not in line with the overwhelming majority of Aspen voters. If you want a lot more development, vote for Shelley Roy, they are polar opposites on growth control and protection of the environment. Booze and pot!? The Oct. 11 Times report on the use of marijuana and alcohol among Aspen High School students which is twice the national average, according to a recent study, spurred several responses, including this:High School kids drinking and smoking pot? What a revelation!There was also this:Just go over to the ARC parking lot anytime during school hours and yes you will find the pot smokers. Right there on city of Aspen property across from the schools property.Uh isnt that why they call it dope. Maybe the students are getting their dope from someones back door at the Arc ??And this:Booze and dope are adult activities copied by the kids. The genie is out of the bottle.Sign of crimeThe Oct. 16 report on the theft of a Barack Obama sign at Aspen Village, and resulting theft charge against a Eva Dempsey, who said she removed it because she thought it violated the subdivisions homeowner association rules, also elicited several comments.Wrote one reader: Regardless of whether or not the sign violated HOA Regs., Eva Dempsey had absolutely no right whatsoever to trespass on private property, steal someones personal property, and then destroy said personal property. The standard HOA policies are to send a letter (documentation!!!!) stating that HOA rules are being violated and that the said item must be removed or taken down. Eva Dempsey, single-handedly, decided to become judge, jury, & executioner in this case.Im glad to see that shes being charged with misdemeanor theft. And, about those dogs An Oct. 16 report on the sled dogs at Krabloonik in Snowmass Village area veterinarians checked over owner Dan MacEachens dogs and found them to be in generally good health despite recent contoversery regarding the care of the pooches spurred this observation:huh, no comments from all the people who harassed and berated this guy for months/years??????? theyre dogs, healthy dogs. not starved slaves like you tree hugging hippies had yourselves convinced they were. get over it, and im happy for this owner. hopefully his business doubles. Pig lipstick Finally, the Oct. 14 article on the city of Aspens plan to shave $6 million off of next years budget, spurred several comments from readers, including this one: The City must reduce headcount. Anything else is just putting lipstick on the pig. There was also this: How about Burlingame unaffordable housing? Thats the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Tax the jets sitting at Demojet field. Those guys can afford it. Then we can all have our bike trail and hot tubs that we need. And, from City Hall gadfly Marilyn Marks: Note that the budget cuts they speak of are capital projects–which are rarely canceled, just postponed. Budget watchers should be far more concerned about the operating budget (salaries, travel, programs, benefits, consultants, rents, etc.) The City is planning to INCREASE their spending by almost 7%.Im not aware of another organization planning for that kind of spending increase in 2009. Its taxpayers money. Hopefully, they will ask some hard questions before Council adopts the inflated budget.

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