dotComments: Of Tasers, trees and toking |

dotComments: Of Tasers, trees and toking

The use of a Taser by a local police officer, the case of the topped trees and the topic of pot smoking all prompted comment at last week.Online readers may comment, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on “Comments” at the top of an article. They are excerpted here as posted, without editing or correction.The case of the local cop who shocked a homeless woman with a Taser after the woman allegedly swiped a sweatshirt from behind The Thrift Shop prompted plenty of online chatter.Wrote Thrift Shop volunteer Liliana Cohen: WHAT??? There are hundreds of people who regularly take things from behind or even inside the thrift shop. We the volunteers at the shop would donate a sweat shirt or more to a homeless woman. I am shocked at this news.One reader had this to say:Cops just doing there jobs, you know protecting and serving. A homeless woman stealing a shirt from the thrift store is a threat to everyone, maybe they should have called in Glenwood’s SWAT TEAM.Where are the cops priorities?????Yet another had plenty to add to the debate. An excerpt:The sweatshirt she might have “stolen” was already somebody else’s garbage…. The face of Aspen has sure gotten uglier since I left town.And one individual claimed he/she attended a Colorado Mountain College police academy about 15 years ago, but opted not to seek a career in law enforcement. Said the reader: The group of men that I went through the police academy with were all ego driven, immature, impulsive, “little kids.” And some have been fired and sued in the towns of Silt, Rifle and New Castle since.I knew I had no future with these heartless robots and moved on.This is just another example of a cop who cannot think for himself. On the topic of the city investigation into who cut the tops off a row of trees along Hopkins Avenue – no culprit has been identified, but someone has offered to replace them – one reader urged The Aspen Times to keep pressing the issue.Please continue to chase down the naming of the tree chopper. Why isn’t parks dept naming the GENEROUS benefactor?…the city has always catered to wealthy folks.Another reacted this way:What about those three historic trees and lilac bushes which graced the Main Street Historic district for over fifty years at the corner of Galena and Main?How in God’s name did the developer receive a permit to grind into sawdust those magnificent historic trees and historic lilac bushes? Shelley Evans’ June 14 letter to the editor, decrying the acceptance of marijuana use in Aspen, particularly by Sheriff Bob Braudis, also sparked comment.Wrote on reader: You’re right. Even just presenting an absurd theory like “smoking marijuana responsibly” is irresponsible! Said another, in part:Apparantly Sheriff Braudis has forgotten what his duties actually are. The one that comes to mind first is that he is SUPPOSED To enforce the laws that are on the books and to let the legislature do the changing of the laws…I also recognize the county as a place where the hard working residents of that county are just fooling themselves if they think that they are getting the best law enforcement effort out of their hard earned tax dollars. Hey, as long as the Sheriff has the philosophy of No Autopsy no Foul, things are not going to change much.

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