dotComments: Of Rove, Lay and pricey digs |

dotComments: Of Rove, Lay and pricey digs

Karl Rove’s appearance at the Aspen Ideas Festival sparked comments from online readers of The Aspen Times last week, while the topic of Kenneth Lay continued to provoke vitriol from others.

The new priciest home on the local real estate market ” Saudi Prince Bandar’s $135 million pad in the hills above town ” also garnered plenty of comment.

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Karl Rover’s appearance on the final day of the Aspen Ideas Festival a week ago garnered hisses and applause from the audience.

Online, one reader had this to say in response to Rove’s prediction that Republicans will maintain their hold on both houses of Congress:

Offered another:

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The death of Kenneth Lay in Aspen earlier this month continued to provoke reader comments, including suggestions about what to do with his estate.

Said one reader, in part:

Another posted this comment:

Lay’s obituary, published in The Aspen Times, fueled this observation:

One reader offered this explanation for Lay’s death:

The writer continued,

A Chicago reader added this observation:

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The June 12 report on Saudi Prince Bandar’s palatial Aspen compound going on the market for $135 million prompted a slew of comments, including many from readers who said The Aspen Times was wrong to identify Bandar’s home as the most expensive in the country.

Although the article referenced speculation that the widow of TV mogul Aaron Spelling will put her L.A. mansion on the market for $150 million, a number of readers posted comments alluding to the sale price of the Spelling mansion and deemed it the nation’s priciest digs.

Said one such observer:

Another offered this:

And, there was this:

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