dotComments: Motorcade, HOV woes, dogs rattle readers |

dotComments: Motorcade, HOV woes, dogs rattle readers

Security for a visit by the Iraqi president, HOV lanes and off-leashed dogs have all provoked online readers of The Aspen Times.The Sept. 15 appearance by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani at the private Forstmann Little & Co. conference in Aspen, and the security measures it entailed, sparked criticism.Said one reader, in part:This is pathetic! Why is the so called Iraqi president given this level of importance? Stopping traffic, closing roads and I-70 to let this guy and his entourage behave as if they are soooo important!… I doubt that Forstmann-Little & Co paid for all of the security for this guy. I find it very likely that the armored vehicle, the ambulance and all of his security were all provided by our government and therefore, the American tax payer paid for everything. • • • •Abuse of the rules in the Highway 82 HOV lanes also spurred reader comment. An excerpt:They were a poorly thought out and planned idea to begin with! All it seems to do is re-enforce bad driving, like staying in the left lane all the way to Rifle and obstructing those who want to pass. It is a daily occurrence between Glenwood and Basalt to find five to twenty vehicles backed up behind someone in the left lane who is making no attempt to pass anyone. It frequently takes MILES before there is an opportunity to pass the jerk by using the right lane. I believe in part this is due to the conditioning caused by the HOV lanes.• • • •Last week’s news that Little Annie’s Eating House must serve a one-month liquor license suspension prompted this bit of praise for the Aspen restaurant:There beef stew is to die for.• • • •And finally, dominating reader debate was a proposal (by area resident Shae Singer) to make a permit available that allows dog owners who control their pets with voice commands to walk them off-leash on area trails.Wrote one reader:I am ALWAYS relieved when I see a dog and owner walking toward me when I can see the dog is on a leash. Dog owners are not objective about their dogs. We have all either witnessed or done this ourselves…. “Come here, Spot! Come here, right now…right now! NOW!” All the while yelling to someone that the dog is friendly. To have a dog, his intentions unknown, rushing at you is no fun and is distracting beyond words. Dogs on leashes are dogs under control and there is no exception to this. Please do not eliminate the leash laws.Another had this to say:Shae Singer and many in Aspen need to understand that dogs are pets and unlike humans do not have a sense of self realization or consciousness. Dogs, as do any domesticated animal, deserve to be treated humanely, but they do not have any “Rights”. Keep your dog on a leash, pick up its waste and do not allow your decision to acquire a domesticated animal to invade the personal space or property of others without invitation.And, there was this:when i see a dog off it’s leash while i’m mountain biking i make sure to aim right for the dog and try to plan my crash so as to take out its stupid owner as well. if i went down because of some idiot aspenite’s dog you best believe when i got up i would punch the dog and the owner in the face.That comment prompted this response:And you would try to intentionally crash…..why? While I wouldn’t aim for a dog, I have no problems riding into one. And while some owners may have problems with that, well, so be it. If the dog is in the way there’s nothing I can do about that.But, there was also this:it’s high time well-behaved dogs and their humans are rewarded for their consistent training. you know, the misbehaved dogs out their make all us dog ‘owners’ look bad!• • • •Readers at may comment on any story, anonymously if they wish, by clicking on “Comments” at the top of the article. Comments reprinted here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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