dotComments: Many have a say on eBay |

dotComments: Many have a say on eBay

Aspen Times columnist Meredith Cohen’s seemingly innocuous March 18 column, “I’m a great eBay buyer,” touched a nerve among the eBay crowd, judging from the online response to her musings.The column, about her experiences as an eBay user, referred to one seller as a “wussy,” prompting one response that then triggered a flood of comments, as eBay fans chided either Cohen or one another.Here’s but a sampling of the traffic Cohen generated:Meredith cohen must have been starved for an idea when she wrote this article, as her opinion of the feedback system on ebay is completely unresearched and one-sided.And this:I hope that the author mlc426 (which is her Ebay ID) realizes that she has been exposed for posting this article on several boards on Ebay and has been placed on the Blocked Bidders List of many sellers.No one wants to sell to you now!There was also this:P.S. If a “writer” is going to use a word like “askance”, you may want to consider using it in the proper context. I would suggest purchasing a syntax book on ebay, but chances are, the seller will refuse to sell to you.Now THAT’S humor!And finally,What a bunch of losers! You’re eating right into her hands! I bet Meredith is loving this. She’s not claiming this is a news piece – it’s an opinion column! First of all, she used “askance” properly – all y’all need to get a dictionary! And a life! You’re so eating right into her hands!!!!!! She’s brilliant!!!• • •Times writer Jon Maletz’s March 21 On the Hill report, “A Wonderful Life,” prompted a response from a former Aspenite:Jon:Thank you, it is why others of us who were there still go back and read emails about what’s going on now. It is a wonderful life and the common thread of skiing helps to make it so.A former ski bum, now living in suburbia and vicariously through you and oter reporters.Make some tracks!!Jim TredwellPewaukee, WIAspen (’81 – ’84)• • •Our online poll, asking readers if they like the idea of expanding the Isis Theater onto the fire station property for an arts center triggered comment, as well.Here’s an excerpt from one reader’s views:I think it is a great idea as it could potentially save taxpayers $14M versus the Fire Department’s proposed remodel. Since when does the fire chief have authority to make decisions that fall under the auspice of city government. The fact is that the only reason the Aspen Volunteer Fire Deparment and Club wants to keep its current location is because it provides free guaranteed parking for the spouses of the deparment members.But another had this to say:…Leave public safety in the hands of the responders, they know what is needed to serve the community unlike a developer who only serves himself and his investors…By the way the parking out front is for avalible responding members. So while the parking may seem nice when the siren sounds all those parked cars represent people giving their own time to help those in need. If you were the one in need you would hope and most likely expect all those spots to fill up with the cars of those coming to your aid.• • •Regarding the Times’ coverage of hurricane-ravaged Pearlington, Miss. – the town “adopted” by the Roaring Fork Valley – a reader wrote:Thank you to Scott Condon and The Aspen Times for these fantastic articles on Pearlington and it’s wonderful people who are struggling to rebuild their lives.I have had the great opportunity to be a part of a church which has also pledged to assist Pearlington, and my husband and I have been blessed to be able to join our church volunteers on several trips to Pearlington. It is so comforting to read updates on many of the beautiful people we have met in Pearlington and especially those associated with St. Joseph Parish.Please know that you are helping to keep us and our parishoners “connected” to what is happening in Pearlington. Thank you, thank you!Pat MayerNewton, WisconsinReader comments are published unedited straight off To comment on an online article, click on “Comments” at the top of the article.

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