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dotComments: Letters bring out the comments

One week ago today Glenwood Springs resident Art Houghland wrote a satirical letter to The Aspen Times taking aim at the motorists whose cars still have bumper stickers supporting Barack Obama and other liberal causes.

Houghland’s letter sparked a slew of responses on, including this one from a online reader with the alias of Animal Safety, who wrote: Mr. Hougland is a true wack job. I will keep my Obama sticker right there alongside my Mick sticker on both my expensive sportscar and my Prius. You and your ilk are the ones that sent the US down the tubes; we are trying to recover the lost dream of America’s values (and Aspens) You ever hear of shame ” you should be steeped in it.

Several comments took Houghland to the rug before reader Chargers62 jumped to his defense: Typical leftie responses. sore election winners, sore election losers. all liberals can do to anyone is insult, insult, insult. its called sarcasm you fools, get over yourselves. get lives people…

Another letter to the editor, this one from Aspen resident Ruth Har­rison, suggested that if the recession continues the expensive downtown stores will move out forcing landlords to lower their rents.

That prompted reader Pug to offer this take: Unfortunately Ruth, the opposite will happen. The inter national designer stores are the only ones that can pay the high rents. Our local retailers are the ones that will be squeezed out.

Added letterreader: Pug, you are right. Commercial rents haven’t gone down enough to be affordable, if at all! Landlords let buildings go vacant here for years without lowering their rents. I have a local small biz in Aspen (for many years), and am looking for a new space to lease but can’t find anything affordable. It will probably drive me out of business.

Another letter to the Times, from Aspen resident Todd Renee, also prompted readers to comment online. Renne’s letter passionately recalled how he almost crashed his bicycle while riding up to the Maroon Bells, thanks to two women whose unleashed dog darted out in front of him.

Reader Animal Safety weighed in first: I am sure these women were blonde as well as stupid? Sorry you had to deal with unconscious females, however you need to know they are the dominant population here currently.

Another reader, Lurper, offered this suggestion: You could’ve been killed. Or at least permanently disfigured, let alone the damage to your multi thousand dollar bicycle. Learn how to bunny-hop on your road bike ” it’s the best way to avoid unleashed dogs. That way you don’t ever have to slow down. There used to be a cattle guard at the top of the bells road that was excellent practice for this very scenario.

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