dotComments: Is Ken Lay really dead? |

dotComments: Is Ken Lay really dead?

The death of Enron founder Kenneth Lay in Aspen last week produced a flood of reader response at regarding Lay’s death included plenty of conspiracy theories from readers who apparently aren’t convinced the convicted head of Enron Corp. is really dead. Lay, of course, was facing sentencing and, presumably, a lengthy prison term after his conviction on fraud charges related to Enron’s collapse.One reader, noting services for Lay in Aspen and Houston will be restricted to friends and family (no reporters), offered this:Is he really dead or faking it and on to the South of France under disguise….Alive, he can donate more millions to the Republican power takeover.Said another:Witness protection program? Plastic surgery, a new identity, all the money intact, close friend of Bush, seems plausible to me! And who gets autopsy results this quickly? Ken will never see a day behind bars. Yet another offered this:If the family has nothing to hide, will they allow members of the press a chance to see the body? Pictures don’t have to be taken, just reputable journalists who can’t be paid off need to report that indeed Ken Lay was buried and put in the ground.And, there were musings of foul play:A friend of mine wondered if he was murdered? I told him I didn’t think so. Will we get a true autopsy report?Other readers took issue with the portrayal of Lay as a local philanthropist. Said one:”Many in Aspen praise his Philanthropy” I have an idea. Why don’t you give me your life savings and I’ll give it away so you morons can call me a philanthropist.And another had this to say:I am amazed at how charities can praise and even accept money from a man who made contributions from illegal gains and who inflicted financial damage to thousands. The end does not justify the means.And, there was this:Philanthropy? How about scum, crook, thief….. Finally, there were readers who simply noted the judgment Lay faces from a higher authority.Said one: I guess he will now have to explain himself to his creator. Another reader offered this observation:He faces his highest judge now. He had stolen money from so many, and his prison term would have cost us all even more money. No more money will be lost in this man’s name!• • • •The death of local architect David Gibson in a plane crash last week also elicited reader comment:My thoughts and prayers go ou tot the Gibson family, a family who was there to lend a helping hand no matter the confrontation. I, being a friend of two of Dave’s sons, Colin and Jared, just want to think the Gibson family for all the support, genorsity, and love that such a wonderful family could exibit. Sincerely, Joshua Lackey • • • •The June 28 article about local resident Su Simmons’ battle with scleroderma and the anonymous donors who have come to her aid sparked this comment:Thanks for the nice article about my sweet Sister Su. She continues to amaze and inspire many. Hopefully through increased awareness about this horrific disease more research dollars and eventually treatment will be available.• • • •Finally, in response to last week’s Aspen Times online poll, regarding what punishment is appropriate for the individual responsible for illegally topping city trees, a reader offered this:bust them!• • • •Readers at may comment, anonymously if they wish, on any article. Comments selected for reprinting here appear as they were posted, without editing or correction.

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