dotComments: Is a bad winter good for Aspen? |

dotComments: Is a bad winter good for Aspen?

Projections of an economic downturn this winter in Aspen apparently came as welcome news to some online readers of The Aspen Times.In response to Aspen Skiing Co. executive David Perrys advice to the Aspen Chamber Resort Association he said, Brace yourselves for a tough December (Nov. 26) one reader responded:Excellent news, clean out the deadwood!And, a Nov. 24 article, detailing projections of a 5 to 15 percent drop in business this winter, generated this from a reader:I hope the seasons as dry as a desert…and all the greedy landlords get a taste of their own medicine. Real estate has plummeted, no snow, bad economy, no tourists….perfect recipe for sending a bunch of jerks packing.Then came this response:If the season is as dry as a dessert as you hope, the greedy landlords wont be the only ones in the cold. Be careful of what you wish for. Its called The law of unintended consequences.Still kicking buttThe Aspen Times Weekly cover story on Aspens venerable Hickory House restaurant spurred this from a fan:I must say its great to see the Hickory House staying true and still kicking butt.Luxury housing?Last weeks news that the St. Regis Aspen, a luxury hotel and residence club, will be offered for sale, elicited this suggestion:Why doesnt the city buy it and turn it into affordable housing – theyre always looking for a good real estate deal.Hoping for a heroThe next president of the United States was once again on the minds of Aspen Times readers last week.A Nov. 22 letter to the editor (The world needs a hero) elicited several comments from online readers of the Times, including this one:Charismatic leaders scare the crap out of me.Were not sheep in search of a shepherd. Were individuals who should work to strengthen and revitalize the values that build this country and created strong communities.Strong family values produce strong community values which produce strong national leadership candidates.What we have in Washington, now, is the dregs of a society in decline.A Nov. 26 letter (Viva Obama) riled up several readers, including this one:I love self-serving letters that insult the half of the country that lost the election, and then smugly claim to be awaiting a brighter day with a positive attitude.What a crock.If youre an example of the average Obama voter, this country is in big trouble.Said another:On Jan. 20, 2009 Ill probably watch the news and count how many Soviet hammer&sickle flags are being waved along the parade route like they are around the White House right now.Talking S-curvesA Nov. 28 letter regarding the ever-controversial Entrance to Aspen spurred this observation:We are re-visiting this because City Council and County Commissioners did not get the vote they want. Only when government has the vote they want (like the Maroon Creek bridge and dedicated bus lanes), do they drop the subject.Food for thoughtA Nov. 19 editorial, regarding the proposed fingerprint scans to speed the student lunch lines in the Aspen School District, there was this:Food for thought.. the previous lunch providers did use punch cards and iong lines werent a problem. Now the School District runs the lunch program and we need Big Brother to help calculate lunch cards. The proposed biometric system is part of the larger Power School system which houses ALL your kids data (grades, address, social security numbers, phone numbers, etc.) It is rumored that a local high school student hacked into Power School last year. I feel safe dont you? According to the American Civil Liberties Union web site, both the Boulder, CO and Irvine, CA school districts looked at this system and REJECTED it. My kids will only carry cash or pack lunches, no high tech scans for our clan thank you.

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