dotComments: Ignorant voters and government thugs |

dotComments: Ignorant voters and government thugs

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Online readers of The Aspen Times had plenty to say last week about everything from the outcome of the presidential election to the latest travel management plan for the White River National Forest and the proposed relocation of the Aspen Art Museum.Regarding the election, Sunny Stapelmans letter to the editor (Audacity of ignorance, Nov. 19) predicting an undesireable outcome resulting from the election of Barack Obama, elicited plenty of comment. Agreed one reader: The media has compared Obama to everybody from Kennedy to Roosevelt to Lincoln to Jesus, and he hasnt even been sworn in yet. Its embarrassing. There was also this: Bravo Sunny! Good thing you dont live in Aspen….. or you might be ostracized for your views!! You are absolutely spot on about the ignorant voting population. KNCB is correct – its about time that secondary schools teach more about reading a balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and less about social engineering. Yesterdays do your thing hippies produced much of todays voting population – God help us. We need help more than ever now. Local art lovers? A Nov. 20 letter to the editor, contending locals dont frequent the Aspen Art Museum and opposing the museums plan to build a new home for itself at the site of the former Aspen Youth Center building (Not the right spot) generated debate from online readers.There was this, for example: I agree. The only time I visited the Aspen Art Museum was when my kid had art in the Valley Kid exhibit. I am not sure what is wrong with their present place. There is plenty of room for expansion and they have their own parking. This response followed: This is infuriating. Im a local. I go to the museum. Am I not a Real local? And did Sarah Palin ghost write this? The so-called Youth Center certainly isnt used by youth (or hardly at all). And the idea that only the rich support the museum is patently absurd. Of course the largest financial support comes from those who have the means. But I support the museum with my membership. Is that not real support? People need to stop trying to speak for EVERYONE, even LOCALS, in such a diverse community. Government thugsThe Nov. 19 article on a Forest Service plan for roads and trails in the White River National Forest (Forest travel plan eyes 1,500 miles of closures) also spurred comment, particularly regarding snowmobile use on the back of Aspen Mountain. There was this, for example: So, the Forest service bows to the pressure of the Aspen Fleecing Company, and closes Richmond Ridge to the majority so that the wealthy minority can take their well paid for powder turns. If they are to close the area to snowmobiles, snowcats should be included, otherwise, it might appear that the decision is politically or financially motivated. COME ON PEOPLE, YOU ARE THE MAJORITY, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS! And this: This is a perfect example of government thugs taking away our freedoms at every turn. What harm is there in riding a snowmobile 6 feet above the ground below? The machine is essentially flying in the air. But its OK for SkiCo to operate their giant snowcats for the priveliged few. Its all about the money an I am totally disgusted by our government. SkiCo gets private access to public land and the forest service gets paid enforcement money to keep the rest of us out. Loss of freedom is a scary thing, especially when it benefits a small group of elite. Stand up people, dont let this happen. Even if you dont ride a sled, its your rghts they will come for next. I will FIGHT to keep my precious freedoms, sled riding included. Note to forest service: Good luck catching me. Like our founding fathers, now Im an outlaw. Dogs get readers dander up A multitude of letters to the editor regarding a proposal to let dog owners bring their pooches aboard Aspen city buses continued to dominate the online commentary. The Nov. 21 letter Allergies and dog dander dont mix produced this response, among others: If I were allergic to cottonwood, would it be appropriate for me to insist that all of the cottonwood trees be cut down?

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