dotComments: Ignorant column or idiotic behavior? |

dotComments: Ignorant column or idiotic behavior?

Aspen Times reporter Carolyn Sackariason stirred things up with her Feb. 10 first-person account of an encounter with three snowboarders while she was skinning up Buttermilk.Her On the Hill: Wanted: three punks, Feb. 10) elicited several letters to the editor, not to mention online comment from readers at There was this, from the reader who goes by the screen name Private Citizen: I hate reporters who can blast our youth, but dont have the guts to blast our local government punks who lack transparency, misspend our tax money and pat themselves on the back for doing a crappy job. Coloradorunner60 responded, in part: Quit using your bitterness at the government as a reason to condone behavior by idiots who need a good kick upside the head. A reader who chose the screen name IHATESACKARIASON added: This is the most ignorant column I have ever read. I cant believe that the editor passed off piece of garbage. Stating that you hate snowboarders and that they are punks is a very broad statement for the actions of three individuals. Judging by the way you blasted the snowboarding community, you probably deserved what you recieved. I encourage all snowboarders to find out what she looks like and spray her with snow anytime you see Carolyn Sackariason skinning up. Only her though, others should be left alone. Also, you vowing to make their pathetic little lives a living hell is the dumbest thing I have heard. You were sprayed with a little snow, while wearing snow gear. GET OVER IT. This is not a criminal case and the only power you have is writing a stupid article which should have never made it past an editor, if he/she is worth a damn. Lurper had this to add: Uphill traffic on the ski area should be banned during business hours out of respect and safety for the paying customers. And, in response to a letter to the editor on the topic from Pagosa Springs resident Jon Terry, (Zen for Carolyn, Feb. 13), there was this from dawn in aspen: Jon obviously misses the point here. Carolyn was just trying to enjoy a beautiful trek up our mountain (some Zen time, perhaps?) and a few punks completely ruined her day! They shook her up! For what? A couple of laughs. Such big men. Snowboarders need to be as respectful as anyone, yet they often play those dangerous games. – Yes, Ive been scared by one or more screaming by very close. Its a big mountain, share it. Misguided adventure?Two articles last week regarding Aspen resident Jennifer Figges swim in the Atlantic Ocean generated debate, the majority of it coming from an unimpressed reader who goes by the name Eucken. Among other things, Eucken had this to say: What we have here is a mega wealthy, recreational swimmer who doesnt deserve a hot second of publicity! Shes not doing anything that deserves any credit. What about the great, and disciplined extreme swimmers who are trying to bring a great feat of athleticism back to the U.S.A., and we have this socialite garnering all the attention, with some ridiculous and worthless swim to nowwhere, taking days off because the waves are too high. Please understand and write in and urge the all of the newspapers to stop reporting on this misguided adventure. This doesnt deserve our attention. We have another attention starved, faker leading us to believe that shes making some record.Offered kncb: Jennifer is a genuine, amateur sportwoman, an amateur who thinks that swimming is its own reward. thats the romance. And, there was this from kjj: Boo-who, she didnt swim across the ocean. I thought that swimming 1-2 miles in a pool without a current was great, but this woman, at 56 may have swam 350 miles with waves to fight. I dont believe it was ever her intent to mislead anybody, I believe the media ran with a story without complete understanding of the facts. I just hope in 36 years that I would be as fit and confident to jump in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for a swim. A comfy bubbleSeveral articles related to city of Aspen budget cuts garnered reader attention, including Feb. 13s Aspen freezes wages, keeps bonuses. Wrote mfitzgerald: My favorite is the Safety Bonus awarded to employees who manage to navigate the year without falling down a flight of concrete stairs. All of these incentives seem laudable, until you understand that motivation in the private sector comes from growing your business if you are an owner, or just holding onto your job, if you are an employee. Motivation in the private sector isn’t derived from rewarding your employees by doling out other peoples money (e.g., money taken from taxpayers). If Aspens local businesses fail to turn profits, nobody (boss or employee) expects a bonus. Theres simply no cash in the cash-drawer. With government, motivational bonuses dont come from a cash register: They come from some imaginary fund thats as deep as taxpayer patience. Government employees dwell in a comfy bubble. Responding to a Feb. 11 article, Deeper cuts loom on Aspens horizon, El Conquistador added: And to think a few weeks ago they were wanting to put landscaped medians in Main Street.

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