dotComments: Greed, war, tools and farming |

dotComments: Greed, war, tools and farming

Online readers of The Aspen Times have found plenty on which to comment lately, including the March 31 report about the physician who apparently owns properties in Hawaii and a local employee housing unit.That story, “Physician fights to stay in affordable housing unit,” triggered this observation from one reader:Are you kidding me?!?!?!!? And they wonder why they can’t keep workers in the area… Geez!• • •Scott Kirkwood’s April 3 letter to the editor, “Outrage and thievery,” regarding the confiscation and quick disposal of a traveler’s multipurpose tool at the local airport prompted this advice:File a small claims against them. Show them that they are not above being brought in front of a judge. Make them get the tool back.Don’t be afraid to get the law involved.It drew a different kind of response from another reader, however:I am pretty sure federal law does not require the Transportation Security Administration to return any item that is confiscated because the item is illegal to bring onto a flight.Why not try to learn the law, first, before trying to sue someone? The true outrage here is that a passenger can’t read the warning signs or is not interested enough to prepare himself for security screening.• • •Rand Douthit’s April 3 letter, “Research may stop recruits,” urged teens contemplating military service to research the history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam first.One reader lashed out in response: Personally, I’ve been swayed by 3000 dead Americans in lower Manhattan, DC, and PA. Do you know what stands between us and those who want us dead? The men and women in our military and intelligence services who volunteer to sacrifice their lives on a daily basis despite your discouragement.• • •One of the many letters to the editor we received leading up to last week’s election in Carbondale prompted this online comment:Carbondale is a beautiful place, but it is lacking when it comes to their paid staff.They lack ethical thinking.Honesty and fairness would help this community grow as well.• • •Aspen Times columnist Paul Andersen’s “Come ye farmers,” regarding local production of food, caught the eye of Bill from Mead, Wash. He wrote:All across the globe individuals are pouring their heart and sole into preserving and nurturing local sustainability. “Come ye farmers” is truly one great definition of grassroots localism.Just this year Big W. will import nearly 25 billion in goods from China. Wherever ones at on Earth; purchasing products from a far just adds to personal, national, and our environmental debts.Take enjoyment in helping your neighbors grow the local community by giving local goods greater attention.Have a good spring and a good life…• • •Our poll question last week asking how lame people thought the Aspen Skiing Co. was for closing Aspen Highlands two weeks before it closes Ajax and Snowmass drew one comment that reflected the majority of poll participants.Totally lame. But I don’t expect anything less from the greedheads over there at ASC. They have lost the soul of skiing long ago. This year they will close all of the mountains with plenty of skiing left. They just aren’t about skiing any more. Its all bottom line for those guys.Excerpts from comments posted at are published unedited, just as readers submit them. Readers may comment anonymously to online articles by clicking on “Comments” at the top of any story.

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