dotComments: Frozen-faced phony (with a blinding smile) |

dotComments: Frozen-faced phony (with a blinding smile)

Aspen, CO Colorado

Aspen Times columnist Addison Gardner stirred up plenty of online reader comment last week with his take on Joe Biden and the vice presidential nominees performance in his debate with Sarah Palin.Most readers sided with Gardner, who blasted Bidens presumed use of Botox, among other transgressions. Responded one reader, in part: Not only is Biden a plagiarizing frozen-faced phony, his debate performance was embarrassingly larded with errors. If the mistakes he made had been committed by the Alaska governor, she wouldve been run through the media shredder and lampooned on SNL. Added another: In Raiders of the Lost Ark, theres a scene where lasers shoot out of the ark and blast everyones eyes out. I feel that pain every time Biden smiles and I happen to get a glimpse. I think there should be govt regulation on the amount of time that whitening strips are left on teeth. But, there was also this: You spent a lot of time writing about Biden. You are completely irresponsible in not addressing the abysmal choice of Sarah Palin, the immorality,and complete absence of ethics in her bigoted and inflamatory remarks directed toward Obama, the danger a Palin presidency would pose to the security And constitution of this country. Your blindness is like that of Bush who has lead us to the brink of financial collapse. Thanks Speaking of Palin A post-debate letter to the editor critical of Palin (Out of her league, Oct. 9), also drew response. Offered one reader: The top of your ticket is way out of his league. Has he EVER made a payroll? Has he ever made ONE executive decision? Has he EVER worked for a bonafide company and lived in the real time workforce? Does he have an understanding of real monetary issues and how money is earned? Last time I checked no one EVER got a job from a poor person. Does Obama know how jobs are created? The answer is NO. He believes the govt creates jobs and that is probably the scariest part of his agenda. Said another: Obamas campaign slogan is change. Funny how Biden is old time Washington and does not represent change and that is okay. Palin, who is fresh and hasnt been inducted into this atmosphere yet is viewed negatively when she does represent a change. I view it as way left bs. Questioning the questions Readers also commented on the questionnaire distributed to five contenders for an open Aspen City Council seat. Wrote one: I couldnt get past the second question — in disbelief that these VERY pointed questions are being used to select the next council person. I fully expected question #3 to be What will you bring Mick for lunch each day?. The Palin question is a total waste of the test takers time….more evidence that the Aspen City Council is a bad joke. Thank you for bringing this to our attention…and for listing the website Said another: I took a look at the questions, and my jaw dropped after the second one. The State Attorney needs to see this – (Question 2, by the way, is: Do you support the increased density at Burlingame (up to 300 units) or the current 236 unit allocation?) Hes from where? Thursdays report of a Glenwood Springs resident arrested for allegedly stealing from vehicles parked at the base of Smuggler Mountain Road in Aspen sparked this rebuke (though the article noted the suspect had been placed on an immigration hold): A Glenwood Springs man? Cmon, Aspen Times! Why not tell the truth in the first sentence of this story? Hes not a Glenwood Springs man–hes an illegal alien Mexican or Central American, or put another way, hes a Mexican national here in the U.S. illegally. Why is it so hard for Aspen Times and its writers to tell the truth?

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