dotComments: Friends pray for injured boarder |

dotComments: Friends pray for injured boarder

The story of the Minnesota youth who was seriously injured in a snowboarding crash at Snowmass on March 3 has continued to generate well-wishes from his friends at home.The Aspen Times updated readers on Colin Mattila’s condition on March 15; he remains in a Denver hospital. His friends have been posting messages to our online edition since his accident, like this one:I love you and miss you colin! and im praying for you and im thinking of you!! – emily valliAnd this,Hey Colin!!!I really hope everything continues to go well for you!! Wow..i cant believe this happened to you–Im just soo glad that you are alive! My heart skips three beats everytime i think about you coming back!! Im really sad that i cant come see you over spring break…I was going to, I promise!! But i dont have any way to get there anymore…So i guess i will just have to see you when you come home! I got dibs on you Buddy!! I love you soooo much!! Take care of yourself.”Betho”A friend identifying himself as Evan had this to say:I hope you get better soon Colin! Everyone’s praying for you!! We love ya so much Bud and can’t wait for you to come back to us!!! … I can’t wait until you are all better, and We’re praying for ya!!Love ya!And, there was this:Hey Colin this is Kelsi Woods. You and your family are in my prayers. Get better soon, okay? Luv ya • • •Regarding a proposal by developers to expand the Isis Theatre onto what is now the fire station site to create an Aspen arts center and build a new fire station on the Main Street Zupancis property, one reader had plenty to say:There is a reason both the Fire Department and Fire District rejected the Zupancis property. If the Fire department wanted to make the move to that location it could have without the help of any developer. The location and the property its self does not fit the departments needs, and the properties’ historical designation severely limits it’s developement. There is no reason a developer should even begin to look at changes that involve public safety when the option he suggest has already been rejected by those in active roles. Leave public safety in the hands of the responders, they know what is needed to serve the community unlike a developer who only serves himself and his investors. Both the current fire station and Zupancis property are publicy owned so how is it even a legitimate idea for a private party to develop either property for his personal gain? No private party builds anything, even an art center, with out expecting some profit, especially in Aspen.• • •A March 16 article on programming changes at KAJX Public Radio generated this observation:Where are the women? Now that Annie Brown is gone, are there ANY local female voices on KAJX?• • •As for the March 16 story of the cat, Chucky, reunited with his owners after a two-year disappearance, someone said simply: Great Story!• • •Times columnist Roger Marolt’s March 3 column, “Illegal people are created by God,” continued to generate reaction, including a perspective we hadn’t seen before:Obviously you have never seen one of the MANY, MANY all american trailer parks. By the way, the cost is NOT about the same. Illegal immigrants DO NOT get welfare benefits simply because they can’t. You have it the other way around, they are the ones subsidizing all the legal people who do get welfare benefits (which includes Mexicans, but legalized ones, of course).Funny how many of those who criticize the 80’s protectionism in the east, now fall into the poorest nationalist that help build the Socialist evil empires.• • • And finally, Janet Urquhart apparently found a kindred spirit with her March 10 column, “The pen is mightier than the PC.” One reader said:I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t know how to load music on an iPod. Or cares, for that matter.Reader comments are published in unedited form, straight off To comment on an online article, click on “Comments” at the top of the article.

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