dotComments: Frankly, Scarlett |

dotComments: Frankly, Scarlett

The outcome of Tuesdays presidential election gave online readers of The Aspen Times plenty to say, particularly in response to a Nov. 6 letter to the editor from Scarlett Adams of Snowmass Village.The letter (Change is coming), critical of president-elect Barack Obama, garnered plenty of feedback, including this: Frankly Scarlett, I dont give a damn. And this: Wow sounds like someone has an ax to grind. i generally prefer my bitterness in a good cold pale ale! But, there was also this: I generally agree with the authors remarks, even if they are expressed in an incendiary way. Obama is pretty much just a cipher for the left. Hes like a hologram that shimmers and bedazzles his audience, but theres no there there, and the change he has in mind is a retrenchment to FDR Great Society socialism. Wrote another: As a fiscally conservative and socially liberal mountain man, I am disappointed with the outcome of the election, but to continue ranting like the logically-challenged and emotionally-charged members of both the left and right serves no purpose. Please stop making decisions with your heart and try making decisions with your brain. It is the I told you so crowd of both the conservative and liberal members of this society that keep the country mired in the mud of ideological name-calling and blame-throwing, unable to move forward more than two steps before falling back one. Stop living yesterday, think about tomorrow, and do something positive for yourself and the benefit of society… If you’re not going to be a part of the solution, you ARE the problem… A Nov. 5 article about an Aspen crowds election night response to the Obama victory (Aspen cheers as history is made), elicited this from a reader: What remains, now, is for Democrats to demonstrate that they can lead a nation that defines diversity in terms other than race, gender, and socio-economic status. Can they lead a nation of diverse political viewpoints and philosophies, too, or will it be more of the same rancorous leadership style demonstrated by the current Democrat leadership in the Congress. I hope that Democrats can deliver on their promise of bipartisanship, reaching-across-the-aisle, and change promised by Mr. Obama. So far, all Ive seen is arrogance and an eagerness to gloat and take more cheap shots at vanquished Republicans. Well see how that plays out with the electorate in the next election, when Bush isnt around to blame for failures in leadership. Election promises On the topic of the tax increase for the Roaring For Transportation Agency, which passed at the polls by a wide margin, there was this: Okay RFTA youd better live up to your pre-election campaign promises. More workers keeping transit stops clean and shelters for the stops that have none. Please get the okay from the state and county to make sure that you can completely clean a bus stop of snow in the winter, not just the 100 ft which is RFTAs. Readers, keep an eye on this agencies spending. $44M is a lot of money. WIFI and bus location devices is great when they work. Does RFTA have a technician on staff who will fix these fluffy items when they go off line? And, speaking of transitTraffic congestion at the Entrance to Aspen, and mass transits ability to solve it, was the topic of a Nov. 3 letter to the editor (From a real commuter) that generated plenty of online discourse. There was this, for example: If you take 2 bottles, one with a one inch hole and the other with a two inch hole, fill them with water and turn both of them upside down. Which one empties first and disperses the water the fastest on the floor? And, which one could you fill the fastest with a bucket of water? Aspenites dont want more traffic in town, but they keep on building and rebuilding, something doesnt make sense here. Board babes The Times online poll (it runs through Sunday) regarding snowboards that depict images of scantily clad women, spurred this: I personally have no problem with it. But when my 6- and 4-year-old girls get on the bunny lift, Im not thrilled of the prospect of them being stared at by naked board babes…

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